[0034] SLCC 2015 Anthony Daniels

Whatever Makes You Weird is back! Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 wrapped a few days ago, and its time to recap, reminisce, and review. This episode is the audio from the Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) panel on 9/25/15. This was easily one of the best moments from SLCC15. Rather than open the panel up to Q&A, Anthony Daniels had a series of prepared stories to share. He talked about things like getting the job, being fitted for the golden suit, discovering C-3POs voice and more. A couple of times he even brought audience members onto the stage for some great interactions. It was really a great way to handle the panel rather than filling it full of audience questions about The Force Awakens which he wouldn’t have been able to answer anyway. So give it a listen! The episode can be streamed here, or found on iTunes or your favorite podcast service.

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