Comic Con 2015 Tip #16

Comic Con 2015 Tip #16

Know where to go to get celebrity autographs
(At San Diego Comic-Con):

SDCC Signing Map

  • A – The Non Hall H Line begins here. This includes signings, the exhibit floor and I believe Ballroom 20.
  • B – The Hall H Line begins here.
  • C – This is where you enter the building. Your badge will be checked here.
  • D – This is where you go up the escalators. There will be a lot of volunteers through this point.
  • E – After the escalators is the part where people start to split up depending on where they’re going. Either out the doors to the Sail Pavilion for those autographs or to continue around to I for the line to the Exhibit Hall.
  • F – This is where you frantically try to find the line you want to be in. People will direct you to the middle autograph question kiosk if you have questions, try to avoid it. Sometime they’ll know stuff, but often it’s a huge waste of time. Ask other people what’s going on if you don’t know.
  • G – This is usually around where you end up going outside the building into different lines, but for different studios the lines could be on the other side, but I’ve never been routed that way. You can see the line can wrap all the way down to where H is. I’ve been out as far as H before, but usually only if I have lined up pretty late (like 6am).
  • H – Around where the very end of the autograph line will likely be. If you’re clear back here, your chances are not great, but you may still have hope.
  • I – The start of the Exhibit Hall line. It starts at the top of the other set of escalators and wraps back along where you’ve walked. This is very similar feeling to what herded/corralled cattle feel like.
  • J – Point of interest, this is likely where the TV Guide yacht will be parked.
  • K – Point of interest, this is where celebs get into their limos and drive away. They’ll often wave as they load up and drive away, but I doubt you get close enough for interactions/autographs.

If you want a LOT more detail about the autograph process check out these two articles:


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