Comic Con TIP #10 Poster Sleeve vs Poster Tube

Poster Sleeve vs Poster Tube:

You’ll likely walk out of San Diego Comic-Con with more than one awesome poster that you’d like to keep nice. There will be tons of freebies at the FOX both, both posters and poster tubes. That is, if you have the patience required to stay in line to get them…

FOX Fanfare Poster Tube

Either way, how will you keep your stuff safe? I carry a poster tube for the freebies and non important ones, but I will buy a poster sleeve for each poster I get signed. It pretty much guarantees that my poster corners will stay safe. It also makes it easier to just set out once I get home. Otherwise, sometimes the posters in the tube will just stay in the tube. Perhaps for a few years. There are always vendors that will sell poster sleeve for somewhat reasonable prices. I’ve only been doing the sleeves for about two years now, but I’ll never go back.

Poster Sleeve



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