Comic Con TIP #13, #12, #11

Yeah, yeah, we’re crazy behind. Here’s where we catch up a little:

Comic Con 2015 Tip #13: Quit Caffeine, like now.

Finding a great supply of caffeine in any form be it coffee, energy drink, Mountain Dew or whatever can be challenging at San Diego Comic-Con. Your life would be easiest if you can quite between now and then. As I’m writing this, there are 5 days until San Diego Comic Con 2015. It typically takes me 3.5ish days to get through caffeine withdrawal headaches. So you still have time.

Worried about fatigue? Yeah. Me too. So, I’m might not take my own advice on this one, because I don’t know that it’s realistic. Here’s my alternate plan since those Starbucks lines can be longer than then Ballroom 20 line (but not really, that line is long!).


I throw a bunch of these in my backpack along with a water bottle and I’m usually good to go. If I start dragging, I fill up my bottle and chug one of these and I’m usually good. Crystal Light in particular has 60mg of caffeine per packet. But watch out for generic brands, they can have as much as 160mg per packet… so you’ll want to check and make sure you’re not upping your regular dose by too much.

Comic Con 2015 Tip #12: Pack “healthy” snacks.

Here are some of my favorites:


Pop Tarts
Beef JerkyString Cheese

 What poptarts aren’t healthy? Who knew. Apples are great and full of fiber, which help regulate your plumbing. You don’t want to get plugged up plumbing at Con, that sounds sucky. But I also take protein choices like beef jerky and string cheese because they signal your stomach to be full. I try to avoid granola bars as eating those alone will usually make my stomach feel nasty. But the occasional pop tart never hurt anyone. Yes, I said string cheese. And no, I don’t refrigerate them. Fun fact: I grew up in dairy community where there were multiple cheese plants. The factory cheese stores would always have cheese curd sitting out, no refrigeration. I’ve tried this with string cheese successfully. But don’t blame me if it doesn’t work, lol.

Comic Con 2015 Tip #11: Know how you’ll sleep on the cement.

Maybe you won’t with the new wristband system, but if you’re going to, here is the best scenario I’ve come up with. That is rather comfortable. This inflatable sleeping pad is really comfortable and warm. It is also quite expensive, but I really like mine:



Alternatively, for less than $10 at your local store, you can get a pool inflatable that will at least get you off the ground. It will likely NOT keep you warm as it will add circulating air underneath you, but at least the ground will not be rock hard:
Pool Inflatable
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