Cosplay Meet and Greet – Sara of Anthem Cosplay

One of my favorite things about attending the new convention offerings in Utah is that I get a chance to meet local cosplayers. This year at FantasyCon, I bumped into Tinkerbell one day and Belle the next. I was impressed with both costumes enough to stop and take photos. Only later did I find out that they were the same person and got a chance to meet Sara of Anthem Cosplay.

I suggested a meetup where we could talk costuming and do a photoshoot. We hung out for a few hours wandering around the International Peace Gardens trying to get just the right shot of Tink and Belle. Sara was a delight and we thought you would enjoy the gallery above and some of her answers to questions about cosplay, which you’ll find below.

Sara as Belle

How long ago did you start cosplaying?
After being inspired by seeing cosplayers at a local mall, and since I have always been a fan of dressing up, I began cosplaying about two years ago–and I haven’t stopped since.

Tell me about your first experience cosplaying…which convention?
I was able to gather a group together in time for Anime Banzai cosplaying characters from the anime Fruits Basket. My first character I cosplayed was Momiji Sohma, and I was surprised at how friendly and welcoming the cosplay community was, and how simple it was to find yourself in a different character. Of course, you can’t go to a convention cosplaying without receiving a couple of hugs, which is what I discovered.

What character has been your favorite and why?
My favorite character to cosplay has been none other than the well-known Tinkerbell. Her attitude and the way she is easily angered is the opposite from mine, which makes it easy to change character and bring her to life. Cosplaying her attracts many kids and Disney fans which always makes events much more interesting.

What are your favorite materials to work with?
Usually, it all depends on the character. For instance, characters with more of a regal approach require either a satin/silk fabric or even velvet (I used these for the Disney characters I have and will cosplay). For a more casual character, a cotton fabric works just as well. I have not been able to use fabrics such as spandex yet, but I’m sure it’ll come in handy some day.

Any future costumes?
Considering how I’m focusing more on Disney, I am already working on Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and will be wearing that to Salt Lake Comic Con. Eventually I will also be working on Aurora’s pink dress from Sleeping Beauty.

What has been you’re most fun experience cosplaying?
The most fun I’ve had cosplaying is when children recognize the character I am–which is usually the Disney characters. Seeing their eyes light up at me while shouting “Belle” or “Tinkerbell” makes my day instantly, because I know that they’re just as excited for me to be there as I am. That’s where I take it to the next level and act as much as the character I can, because I know the princesses and Disney girls mean a lot to kids.

A big thanks to Sara. She was a delight to work with and lovely to talk to. You can find more about her and others from Anthem of Cosplay on their Facebook community: Anthems of Cosplay


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