Cosplay Meet & Greet – Ainsley as Zelda & Samus Aran

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Ainsley started her Zelda costume back in 2013. Ainsley has always been a big fan of the Zelda series several years ago. The game play, art style and story have been things she’s always enjoyed. She built her Zelda costume based off the Zelda from Super Smash Bros. Ainsley’s Zelda costume is a perfect example of why someone with a well-crafted sewn costume can win out a costume contest over a good piece of armor such as Iron Man. Both very technically difficult to achieve, but the amount of detail that Ainsley put in stitchery and little details really show off how cool a sewn costume can be. I’ve included a couple extra photos just so you can see how detailed the stiching it.

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We brought up Super Smash Bros already and her second costume she debuted with us is Samus Aran (of Metroid fame) in a Zero Suit. This costume also was also from a character in Super Smash Bros. She built the Zero Suit by starting out with a blue spandex body suit and then had to carefully stitch patches on to get the correct pattern. The spandex was difficult to work with which required her to use both a sewing machine and hand sewing to get the patches to go where they needed to be. Also since the game her costume comes from hasn’t released yet, she had to create her own pattern and judge for herself how to best recreate the Zero Suit.

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Ainsley and her sister got into cosplay about 6 years ago when she first heard about San Diego Comic Con. It was full of stuff that they were interested. They vowed when they found out about the con to a convention one day. Ainsley has also been involved in the Salt Lake Comic Con cosplay workshops. She came to the lighting workshop and showed off her lit-up shoes from the Samus zero suit. Ainsley also helped out with the Worbla class where they built a forearm bracer.

Ainsley sees herself taking a bit of a break from cosplay while balancing work and school, but plans to get back into it at a future date.

Check out some of her favorite cosplay tips:

  1. Always bring repair stuff
    You never know what will break at a convention. Maybe walk around in your costume at home for a few hours before so you know if it’s going to break before the con.
  2. Be nice and considerate
    Sometimes in large crowds, people can get really rowdy. Be patient and aware that sometimes your costume can get hurt at the con.
  3. Choose comfort or looking great.
    Be aware that you won’t be quite comfortable. But do your best to help make it comfortable. Make it breathable if possible. Ainsley added two pairs of gel inserts in her shoes to make it more comfortable to walk.
  4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
    Keep yourself hydrated and fed. You could risk passing out and damaging your costume.
  5. Have fun.
    Even if you’re competing, don’t forget that cosplay is about having fun.

Currently, you can find Ainsley on the Facebook group “Cosplay Utah”

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