Daedric Armor Build – Part 2

The Daedric Build – Part Two: Short, Sweet and Spikey. Dem Biceps by Ash Sweetring

Hello friends and new folk out there! Thanks for joining me for Part Two of The Daedric Build. We don’t have any need for a long introduction, so we’re going to jump right into it! If you missed Part One : Brace Yourself, find the link here, http://comiccon.tips/daedric-build-part-1/.

Today I’m going to be showing you how to work on the bicep plates.

Pauldrons 1

The bicep pieces are curved slightly, with the same texture through the pauldrons. Again, any questions throughout the build, please do not hesitate to ask. Enjoy and happy building my Geek Army! <3

So I first started off with drawing patterns that I wanted for the bicep area.


I made them to look like curved triangles kind of, which will give a good point towards the end and will curve nicely to fit my arm. Once I was happy with the curvature of the patterns, I transferred them directly onto Wonderflex. I decided to use Wonderflex for these pieces because the movement of the arms can be very strenuous and the finishing product from these bicep pieces needs the strength to handle almost constant movement at events and photo shoots.

Once I’ve cut the patterns out of the Wonderflex, I heated them to a band that fit the width of the longest point structure. The band was made out of Wonderflec (I didn’t get a picture of it) but, I will draw it for you!!


Once you’ve cut out your band, you will heat and apply the Wonderflex “plates” to the band. I’ve illustrated how I did this using different colors. I connected all of the corners of the plates to the top corners of the band as you can kind of tell in these pictures.



And made sure they were down really well. If you ever have problems with connecting Wonderflex to Wonderflex, you can always glue the pieces together. I like to use hot glue because it assists in reheating the material where it meets the other pieces. When you finish, the results should look something like this.

bicep plain 6

At this point I measured a piece of elastic to fit around my bicep to hold this piece in place. This is very simple, then you just attach it with hot glue on the end of the Wonderflex band I was speaking about earlier. I then used some Foamies ( You can find these are your local craft store) and I cut them into thin 3 cm strips and ‘trimmed’ the outside of the plates as you can see in the above picture. When I was happy with how the trim looked, I took my handy scissors and I cut some slits though the Foamies and the Wonderflex for BATTLE DAMAGE!!!! … That was pretty dramatic.

Viola! You have the bicep plates… But, they’re looking a little plain. The texture that I used and will WIDELY use throughout the rest of the build is a trick I picked up from a fellow friend, Megan Golden. I used something called Puffy Paint. You can find it at Walmart and your local craft stores. It doesn’t matter what color, you just need it. (I ran out of my white in the beginning of this process and had to move to green.) Don’t worry now, it won’t show through the final coats of paint. You try with all of your might to go in complete random striping patterns down the length of the plates.

Puffy Bicep 7

Now, you have to wait for the Puffy Paint to completely dry COMPLETELY. As soon as they are nice and dry, you can begin priming them. I used Wood Glue for these guys. Just brush it on in even coats and allow to dry. Now, you may begin your painting! I used the same structure for painting as I did the bracer. (Please refer back to Part One if in need for review). My main base coat I used was Black. The trim color I used was Purple, and the final coat was metallic Silver. I also, found a very cool Purple metallic color at Michael’s the other day that I decided to give a go on top of the purple trim and it turned out AMAZING!!


BICEPS WITH BRACER 9And that was pretty much the gist of it for the Biceppieces.

The next article that I will be posting on are the Pauldrons. I’m just going to be giving everyone a HUGE heads up now, the pauldrons were very difficult. I can try to walk you through everything as much as possible, but some of the techniques that I used are definitely “You had to be there” techniques.

Just a heads up. I love you guys so much! Thank you for reading and coming on this adventure. As ALWAYS, feel free to contact me with questions and concerns.

You rock, my Geek Army! Holla.

Xo, Ash Sweetring


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Ash Sweetring
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