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rumor mill

Rumors are flying like crazy about FanX 2015*. Questions are being answered on Facebook all the time, but sometimes they’re easy to miss the fray. Here’s a summary of things we know and things we wonder:

1/18 9:52PM – Do you have to wear your wristband on your wrist? I’m cosplaying, that will be hard.

No you do not.

1/16 6:26PM – If I have a problem with my RFID wristband (before the Con), how do I contact SLComicCon?

If you don’t scan out your RFID badge upon exiting, it won’t allow re-entry until reset at customer service?

This appears to be true. According to the FAQ’s, “RFID scanners will be located near the exits. To ensure that your re-entry is as smooth and quick as possible, please make sure that you scan yourself out as you leave. If you do not scan yourself out of the building, you will have to go to a Customer Service booth (which may have a line) to get your wristband re-set.”

How do I “Claim your physical ticket?”

Will there be a coat check?

Yes. Just near the round entrance on the East side.

Will there be bag checks/storage?


Can I upgrade my tickets online?

1. Open your ticket confirmation email from GrowTix and click “View your order online.” 2. Click the blue button that says “Your tickets can be upgraded. Click here.” 3. You can view your ticket upgrade options on the left side of the screen under the green text that reads “Upgradable Tickets” 4. Make your selection in the dropdown menu. 5. Fill out the billing information form and pay the difference (if necessary) 6. Click “Submit Upgrade Order” and you’re done! – See more at:

Source: Bryan Brandenburg

What’s going on with wristbands?

Tonight (1/12) at midnight is the deadline to have them ordered by mail. Then they will go out on the 13th. You can plan on them arriving within the week.

Dr. Who FanXperience?

Totally sold out. 🙁 Hope you got tickets already.

Will there be celebrity experiences?

It was said during an intial press conference that there would be the option to buy a experience pass that allowed you to get an autograph, get a photo-op and have a reserved seat for certain celebrity panels. So far no mention has been made since the press conference that this is happening still. It is starting to seem unlikely since photo-ops for some celebrities are sold-out completely already.

Where can I park?

Are social media contest winners randomly selected?

No. Salt Lake Comic Con stated in their FanX 2015 that, “Each winner is hand selected by our staff based on the quality of their positive, geeky comments on the post.”


Be sure to check out Salt Lake Comic Con’s FAQ page for answers to more questions:


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