I want my Nerd HQ


What is this Nerd HQ you speak of? If you have been to San Diego Comic Con, you know that Nerd HQ is no small topic of conversation. If you have NOT been to San Diego Comic Con, just wait. It will ROCK.

Nerd HQ is perhaps best described as a mini convention across the street from San Diego Comic Con. It will have panels. It will have celebrities. It will have gaming machines. It will have autograph signings. It will have photo opportunities. It will also HELP a lot of people that REALLY need it.

Did you know that 1 out of 10 children born with a cleft lip will die before their 1st birthday? Nerd HQ is a fundraiser for Operation Smile. All of the nerdy goodness that is Nerd HQ is all to benefit children around the world. Children who would not otherwise have the chance to have get much needed surgeries done. And YOU can and should help.

NerdHQ Petco Park Serenity small

First off, Nerd HQ is an awesome newish Comic Con staple. I can’t imagine Comic Con without it. My favorite part about Nerd HQ are the panels. They host intimate panels with celebrities where you can talk and hear about your favorite shows and topics.

  • Last year, I attended one of the conversations with Nathan Fillion. Alan Tudyk showed up as well. He pulled out out a satchel full of junk from his house and started pulling stuff out, signing it and auctioning it off to the audience. It was a blast.
  • The year before I was not fortunate enough to get tickets to any of the panels. However, I was able to go through a line and donate $20 to Operation Smile and get my photo taken with Zachary Levi.
  • Another awesome experience at Nerd HQ was the private screening of Serenity. At Petco Park. On the field. With Zachary Levi. And Nathan Fillion did a little commentary for the first several minutes of the movie. It rocked.

Why am I posting an article that sounds like I’m defending Nerd HQ with a vengeance? A few reasons. First, if you’ve never been and don’t know about it, you need to know. Second, they ran into some financial difficulties last year, which currently threaten it’s existence and they need our nerdy help. Finally, I’ve seen some people commenting/questioning the validity of raising funds to run Nerd HQ.

To all of the nay-sayers out there, I pose this question. Would you have donated to Operation Smile last year if you had not gone to Nerd HQ? I propose not. Do I think that if Zachary Levi went on IndieGoGo that he could raise $250,000 for Operation Smile directly? Yes, probably. But I think he could only do it once. If he runs Nerd HQ, he can continue to raise money for Operation Smile AND fulfill a lot of nerd dreams. And he can do it year after year. It’s win win all around. I don’t know about you, but when I donate my hard earned cash, it’s more awesome to do it when I can have a blast in the process.

If you have $5.00, you can help Nerd HQ stay a reality. Help out by donating on the Indiegogo site here:


Nerd HQ is awesome, you will see when you get there.  I hope to see you there.


Trevor Nielson
Writer & Photographer at ComicCon.tips
Trevor began his forray into nerdom as a kid peddling his bike all the way to the local bookstore to purchase comic books. The boring superhero comics weren’t good enough for Trevor, he wanted the real ones. The ones with ducks. Now who's laughing while he’s on his way to cash in all those valuable Ducktales comics. Soon he’ll have his own money bin full to the brim. These days, to fill the time before the money bin construction completes (and begins), Trevor fills his time with photography, movies, television and comic book conventions. You can find his cosplay Meet & Greet mini-shoot and articles on this site as well as prints of his photographs being sold by cosplayers throughout the land.

P.S. Trevor converted to Marvel & DC comics and movies later on, so no heartburn on that one, right?