Imagination to reality: creating an original cosplay Booker’s story.




Hey all its Booker Noir here from the Nerds of ‘Play and I’d like to talk to you today about something near and dear to me: original cosplay characters! I have created an original character,who shares my name, Booker Noir. He’s a time traveling Clockwork Cyborg detective who works for a secret government agency dealing with all things supernatural, interdimensional, Extraterrestrial and paranormal… that is, however, just the the tip of the iceberg.


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So today I’ll go over my process of creating Booker and maybe it’ll help you create you’re own Original Cosplay (ORCO for short). I based Booker off my childhood dream job a Private Investigator. I used to imagine there was always some sort of creature behind every problem I saw. So, I took that idea and put a spin on it: what if he was robotic? Not just any kind of robot but a steam punk robot. So with that basic concept in mind, I started working on his design in my mind. Booker’s left arm is a clockwork arm along with his right leg. He wears a mirror like mask as well as a black fedora (similar to the one Indiana Jones wears) and a pitch black rain coat, blood red shirt, black slacks and two toned shoes. With his look in mind I wrote a back story (its too long to put here but I’ve got some ideas in the works, perhaps a comic book.. *spoiler*)



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I’ll hit the important parts, he was born Booker White growing up in the 20’s. His dad was a cop, his mom disappeared when he was little. He was an all American athlete, then he joined the army and was deployed along with his best friend Lumière Noir. Lumière was injured during combat and sent home. There’s a lot more but I’m rambling at this point.



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So! Moving on, after that, putting him together for Cosplay I cannot stress enough how great thrift stores are! After a few trips, I gathered everything I needed to bring him to life. But, most of the items required modification. That’s where cosplay skills come in! many many many hours later he was done! And I debuted him at SLCC 2014, and I think he was a success. I’m still improving upon him and altering his look and design as I go, but that’s ok! That’s the point of an ORCO; it becomes whatever you want it to be.


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I challenge you to go out and create your own ORCO, and remember, you can’t really mess up because it’s your idea and you meant to do it. 😉





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