JAYNE: The Panel Called Jayne – SLComicCon 2014


JAYNE: The Panel Called Jayne

William Pace, Brian Wiser

I’m a big fan of Adam Baldwin and his various roles he’s played over the years. At Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX event in 2014 the schedule lists two panels relating to Adam Baldwin.  One is JAYNE: The Panel Called Jayne and there is also a spotlight panel with Adam Baldwin. This article is about the JAYNE: The Panel Called Jayne panel.

Adam Baldwin was not on the scheduled list of panelists. This is not the type of panel that I usually attend. I don’t attend because this type of panel seems to be a celebration of a thing that nerds like by nerds. In this case, there was no actual correspondence between Adam Baldwin and this panel.

I thought it might be helpful to other nerds to figure out if this kind of thing is worth your time. There was also a rumor floating around that Adam may show up at some point. I’ve got to be honest, I was pretty disappointed. Ultimately the panel ended up being a guy sitting at the front listing a bunch of shows that he’s been in and showing a bunch of pics from the internet. It feels very much like we’re being read to out of his wiki page.

Here are some things they did mention that I didn’t know about. He was in the X-Files, Independence Day.. and apparently there’s a little known show called ‘The Inside’ that was supposed to be pretty good. It only lasted 13 episodes. What’s funny about this panel is the guy keeps saying, “I didn’t know this, but he was in….” As if he had pulled up the IMDB page last night getting ready for the panel.

I’m sorry guys, this one was pretty painful. I hope the panelists never read this, but it was pretty dry. I don’t necessarily feel like it was the panelists fault. I doubt I could have done better. I just think the type of panel isn’t one that a lot of people are really going to benefit from. Since the people that are going to attend that specific of a panel are likely already Jayne/Adam Baldwin fans, they likely have googled his stuff before on their own.

Lesson learned, I won’t be going to this kind of panel again. A little harsh, but at least you know the truth of how I felt about it..

A Panel Called JAYNE

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