Meet & Greet – Eric Browning Cosplay

Eric Browning - General Zod

Believe it or not, this is Eric’s FIRST cosplay. He works in IT, but has an art degree. He was watching Man of Steel and fell in love with the armor first thing. The armor was very organic and used biomimicry. It took on almost an art nouveau feel. Being a big fan of art nouveau, Eric decided to do it.

The General Zod suit is mostly made of Worbla, but includes foam and epoxy sculpt and also some 3d printed pieces. The 3d pieces were the best option for the costume because of the repetition and size of the parts. They had to fit under the armor plates so they needed to be pretty thin. Eric commissioned the 3d printed pieces at There you can find printers that will bid for your job by the cubic centimeter.

TIMG_3266 smallhe Zod costume includes an amazing bodysuit. It’s a silicon printed fabric. Then when you put silver underneath, the sheen comes through. The entire armor was built first out of paper patterning. Not pepakura, but used digital calipers until he got the sizes just right. The costume weighs about 35 pounds. He did a lot of epoxy sculpt to fill in a lot of the caps and that dries extremely solid. Use water on the epoxy scupt and it will smooth out very easily.

“I may be 39, but it’s like a second childhood and I’m loving every minute of it.”

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