Meet & Greet – Joanie Brosas


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Joanie Brosas has been interested in cosplay for about 3 years. It’s fun to be someone else but still using the modeling skills she’s learned over the years. The mermaid costume she debuted at Fantasy Con has been her favorite so far. It was particularly fun for her when girls would come up to her and see her as a Disney princess and get really excited.

When Joanie pulled up for the photoshoot and interview, her car had a Spock hand sticker on the back window. Then later when I asked her how she got started, she quickly responded by telling me that it was because of Star Trek. That’s her Trek fam. The people at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention have become lifelong friends. They would stick out their neck for you.

When asked about which has been her most technically challenging costume so far, Joanie responds that it’s probably a tie between her Confessor and Uhura costumes.

The Confessor (Legend of the Seeker) costume was a challenge because of how much she had to build. Joanie started with just the top and had to add sleeves, a hood and the bottoms. They were different materials, so that become difficult.

Joanie’s Uhura costume was tied for technically challenging with the Confessor costume because of the difficulties with makeup and hair. She’s a different race so she has to contour her face to look like Uhura. Uhura has very mysterious eyes and pointy cheeks which is very different structure than Joanie’s so Joanie uses makeup to help portray the differences. Also Uhura has so much hair that Joanie has to do five layers of hair.

Given the opportunity to meet any Star Trek character in real life, she would opt to mind meld with Spock just to try it out, but Data would be fun too because he’s so funny.

Joanie recently attended Tree City Comic Con in Boise Idaho in October (same week of Anime Banzai). Marina Sirtis and Verne Troyer were there and she was excited to meet them.

Brent Spiner has been the funnest celebrity she’s been able to meet. Joanie enjoyed her time with Brent because he’s so funny and he’s willing to sit down with the fans for 5-10 minutes and really get to know his fans.

Joanie pointed out that although the Salt Lake Comic Con is probably the biggest convention she’s been to, she really enjoys the smaller cons because of the more intimate experience they provide. The stars are less rushed and willing to talk and you are still able to get through the crowd quicker.

Five of Joanie’s best tips for cosplay con-goers:

  1. Have somebody remind you to drink water, so you don’t forget.
  2. Bring comfortable shoes that will match your outfit.
  3. Bring safety pins or sticky tape. You never know if you need to repair.
  4. Bring some snacks.
  5. Write down what you want to do for the day before the Con. Then leave early before your top events so you’re not late.