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Julie Johnson – by day, Julie is a legal secretary and likes to read comics and play video games.

Julie is also a Pegasister (the female equivalent of a brony). She is the head of Utah’s “Crystal Mountain Ponycon”. Julie dressed as Princess Celestia and Spitfire at the con this year. Princess Celestia had a bit of armor that was involved.

Today Julie is cosplaying Formal Captain America and is wearing a formal ball gown Captain America costume. It’s a 50’s look Captain America. Julie has been cosplaying for four years and got started when her friends finally talked her into it.

She also recently dressed as Rapunzel from Tangled, including a monster wig that Julie made herself by combining a couple of wigs together. The most uncomfortable part was the wig pulling on her forehead. It pulled enough that it formed a bruise. After asking Julie how to improve that situation, she suggested pinning it to your head better. Then she clarified that often if you wear a wig, you’ll braid the hair tight up against your hair underneath. This braid will then provide good spots to pin your wig onto your head and add stability.

In the future, you can expect to see Julie dressed as Fem Loki. Also she would like to do something from indie horror games Eve or Mad Father. She’s thinking the mother from Mad Father and something from Eve.

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