Nathan Fillion’s Birthday –

Nathan Fillion and Alan Trudyk

We all know that Nathan is the King of the Con.  Maybe we should switch it to Captain of the Con, seems to have a better ring to it.  Anyhow, if you’ve ever attended #SDCC you know that Nathan Fillion is the guy to see.  Whether it be at a Firefly reunion or a NerdHQ panel, he’s there, he’s funny and he’s a good guy.

For me there have been several memorable moments with Nathan. One of my favorite from last year (2013) was during the NerdHQ panel.  He was auctioning off stuff from his bag of crap to help raise money for Operation Smile and the item up for bid was a T-shirt. A wild and crazy woman from the crowd screamed out and asked if it was a worn shirt.  Nathan responded in stride by stuffing it inside the shirt he was currently wearing and rubbing it all around.  Then the auction continued with an T-shirt with the man-musk of Nathan Fillion.

clean water for Nathan FillionWell now it’s his birthday and he’s going about other ways of help paying it forward.  Today, he’s raising money for Charity Water.  If you haven’t heard of them, they’re an organization that takes donations and uses them to build wells or otherwise supply water to people in dire need.

This year, Nathan’s added a twist. He’s thrown in a raffle ticket for each $10.  If you win the raffle, you also win airfare and lodging to get there and have lunch with him.  I donated last year, and I’m going to donate again this year.

Happy Birthday Nathan!  Hope to see you in San Diego again this year.

Donate HERE

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