PreRegistration for 2016 San Diego Comic-Con



10:10am Hahaha, this one might be the best one yet.

10:08am ALL DAYS ARE GONE, badge sales are over. 10:08am


9:59am Saturday is sold out! 9:57am Got our email confirmation from EPOCH already: Order-Confirmation 9:55am Our group was successful at getting tickets!!!! We got all four days (no preview night) Congratulations 9:46am

It may not be detectable to the human eye, but rest assured we are moving people randomly into registration sessions every 120 seconds! Do not open another tab/window of the waiting room, or you may experience issues.

9:46am Well, we’re trending on Twitter, but we still need to overtake ISIS: Twitter-Trend 9:40am Preview night just sold out. Took 40 minutes, so it seems to be going pretty slow this time…

We’re sorry, but the option to purchase Preview Night has sold out. Single day badges are still available.


Buying for others? It’s a good idea to verify that you have the correct spelling of everyone’s last name and Member ID before you begin!



We are sorry to keep you waiting. The servers are processing purchase requests as fast as possible. If you are selected for a registration session, keep in mind that email confirmations will go out 48 – 72 hours after preregistration is closed.

9:34am Apparently the last announcement was important enough to leave on the screen for another two minutes! No kidding! Now scary if you’re in a group of strangers! 10:32am Well, we have an answer. Looks like badges will only ship to the buyer for group purchases!

Are you working in a badge buying group? Make sure you are only working with people you personally know and trust. Comic-Con will ship all badges to the buyer’s address only.



If you are selected for a registration session you will have 15 minutes to complete your purchase. Be sure that you are ready to go with all the information you need!

9:28am Whew that’s good. I always get so nervous filling out these forms, this way I can verify when I’ve calmed down later!

Thank you for your patience while we try to move you quickly to a registration session. If your shipping address changes after you purchase a badge today, you will have a chance to update it before we ship!

9:26am This is an interesting change.. I hope it goes smoother than the first year of wristbands for Hall H. What do they do for people buying multiple badges?

Comic-Con will be shipping badges about 4 weeks prior to the convention. Make sure you enter a shipping address during check out that will be valid for you in June 2016!


Are you in private browsing mode? The waiting room may behave erratically if you are using the “private” setting on your browser. Make sure your tech is checked by clicking the browser check link in the waiting room.

9:22am As if anyone is just napping or away from their keyboard at this point! I always poop before 9am!

Make sure your computer’s power saving settings are off or adjust them if needed. We don’t want your computer to power down or go to sleep while you’re waiting!


Have you checked out Toucan, the official blog of Comic-Con and WonderCon? Professor Toucan has a plethora of valuable hints, tips, and frequently asked questions for attendees. And he’s pretty darn cute too…



Do you have a special character in your last name, like an accent, umlaut, or hyphen? Please make sure you enter the special character when you log in to your registration session. Your last name is displayed under the “Registration Info” in your Member ID account




The waiting room is currently moving customers to their registration sessions. If you are randomly selected for a registration session you will have 15 minutes to complete your badge purchase so be sure to have your Member ID, last name, and credit card number ready!


Badge inventory is being monitored very closely. We will update you as inventory changes or sells out.


If you are an international attendee, please enter your international address in the shipping address field during checkout. This will not cause your transaction to fail. Your badge will be available for onsite pick-up only.



We are slowly moving people to their registration session to ensure that the system is running efficiently. We will continue to update you here with any changes.

9:06am This is great news! I had a problem with this last year and looks like they’ve solved for it:

Thank you for your patience. If at any time you are accidentally removed from the waiting room, simply click the waiting room link (found in your email and Member ID account) and enter your registration code again. You will be put back in the same random group you were assigned. Only registration codes that were authorized prior to 9:00 AM PST may re-enter.


We are getting ready to begin. Thank you for your patience! This yellow message box will keep you updated


Thank you for your patience. We are preparing to begin random selection, but it may take a few extra minutes. If you are selected, you will be automatically moved to a registration session. Be sure to have your Member ID and last name ready


Thank you for joining us in the waiting room. We will begin random sorting shortly after 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. If the blue circle is spinning, this page is automatically refreshing every 120 seconds.


It’s the Final Countdown! Badge sales will begin shortly after 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. It is very important that you do not refresh this page at 9:00 AM PST. The only thing you should refresh from this point on is your coffee!

8:59am We have our first “best of” tweet!



It’s the Final Countdown! Badge sales will begin shortly after 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. It is very important that you do not refresh this page at 9:00 AM PST. The only thing you should refresh from this point on is your coffee!

8:49 am

Great. Hopefully this message doesn’t mean we’re going to have problems…

Thank you for your patience. We are actively researching technical issues you may be experiencing. We will try to update you here as we continue.

8:28 am


Shall we begin? Right out of the gate, my timer graphic stopped working 🙁

01 Waiting Room

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