San Diego Comic Con – Open Registration Tips

Keep Calm and Carry On

Open Registration begins March 15th at 9am Pacific Time

If you’ve never attended Comic Con, or did not attend last year but intend to go in 2014 – Open Registration starts tomorrow. At 9am. Sharp. Well sort of sharp. If you do not get in line during the 7-9am window when the queue opens up, you will not get badges. Comic Con will be filled with LOTS of very long obnoxious lines. This one is especially obnoxious because there is no strategy you can take to have a better chance. Everyone in the queue will be ordered randomly and then processed. Get used to the lines, if you get to SDCC.. you will find more.

Epic changed their registration system quite a bit this year. We went through this same process already for PreRegistration a while ago, and we took notes and watched Twitter to see where people were having difficulties.

Some things of note:

1. Refunds
Yes, it’s a sad day when you have to cancel your badge and get a refund because you or a group member cannot go. But it happens, Comic Con is a pretty big time and money commitment, so don’t be surprised if you have group members want to drop out (or you for whatever reason). You must cancel by May 23, 2014 this year. There are places that have mentioned a new 10% restocking fee or whatever for canceling your badge. It’s been confirmed in a few places that this year, that will be waived. So you can still plan on purchasing badges hoping to go and get a full refund if something comes up.

2. Problems
There will be people that have problems with registration. Beyond just not getting the days you want. I personally had troubles, which I documented here:

If you experience problems during registration, take LOTS of screenshots and email them about it, quickly. On PreRegistration day, if people had difficulties, emailing was getting fast responses. Open Registration may be a little different due to volume issues. Here’s a contact link:

I talked to a lot of people and there were problems across most browsers, including Safari. I used Chrome, but one guy could not get Firefox to work at all.

3. Don’t refresh your browser
Unless you have to, but even then, be a little nervous. My registration process tanked (see link above). I kept that window open and tried to get back in the queue in another window. When I entered my code, it told me that I could not enter the queue because my code had already been redeemed. I selected the URL in the address bar and hit enter and it let me in to the registration screen. I was terrified for a second there.

4. Everyone needs a Member ID
I think you know this, but just a reminder. You’ll need to know all your group’s Member ID’s and last names.

It doesn’t mention this ANYWHERE official that I’ve seen. But it’s now operating like a typical shopping cart style where you add all the days for all the people you’re buying for and checkout all at once. You’ll have to figure that part out. The kind of sucky thing is that they send the confirmation page and barcode document to each attendee, so you have nothing to hold over your friend’s heads if they won’t pay up.

6. You can buy for up to 3 people.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Odds Be Ever In Your Favor
Once you’re done, we’d love you to tell us how your Comic Con Registration process went here:

If you were successful, now you’ll need to worry about this:

Now you’re going to need somewhere to stay. The Early Bird hotel sale IS CURRENTLY RUNNING.

The upside is, you aren’t taking a risk and hoping you qualify for the hotel lottery and you will have peace of mind getting ready for the Con. The downsides are: You have to pay in advance with no refunds or exchanges. Again, no refunds. Also, there are no downtown hotels available for the Early Bird program. We’ve stayed both downtown and in Mission Valley for Comic Con and clearly downtown is a nicer experience. But Mission Valley and other outlying areas are more economical, so you may want to read our previous article here:

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