San Diego Comic Con Registration Problems – #SDCC

Since we attended San Diego Comic Con last year, our group was qualified for the preregistration.  I thought I would post about the slight troubles that we had during the registration process in case it would be helpful for anyone else out there.  Mostly it went smooth and we were out of there pretty quick.  We had one very terrifying problem, and I know there were several other people that had some difficulties as well.

I arrived in the pre-registration waiting room about 30 minutes before the line queued up:

EPIC Waiting Room


I did test what would happen if I left the room and came back in, just to be ready in case it happen when we went live.  It just basically made me authorize this new “device” as the main waiting window and let me in:



After this, due to all the warnings, I was committed to not refreshing my browser or moving an inch until the process was complete.  I didn’t want anything on my side causing a hiccup preventing registration.  I got online and was communicating with other guys in my group and we were all waiting and everything was fine.

CCI and Epic tried to amuse us while we were waiting in line by presenting messages to us as we waited, watching the blue circles:

“We are starting to line you up in random order, please give us some time … there are quite a few of you!”

“We’re almost done sorting! Please be patient and do not refresh your browser while you wait. Registration session will begin soon.”

“Everyone has secured a spot in the line and we will begin registration sessions shortly. We sincerely appreciate your patience!”

“We are letting groups of people into their registration sessions slowly to ensure that the system is running efficiently.  We will continue to update you here with any changes.”

“The waiting room is moving customers to their registration sessions every 120 seconds. Your personal registration session will begin when you have reached the front of the line. Make sure to have your Member ID ready!”


“This webpage is not available”not available


I don’t dare to anything with this page, so I open up a new tab and try to re-enter the queue and I get this message:

“Registration Code – Already Fully Redeemed, We’re sorry, your unique registration code has already been redeemed and our records indicate you have reached the EPIC Badge Preregistration system. This registration code may not be used again.”

fully redeemed


I’m extremely panicked.  I know my group is still in line and that I’ll probably still get a badge no problem, but I’m going a little nuts inside.  I decide to do (basically) what I’ve been told over and over not to do, which is to refresh the page.  Just in case it makes a difference instead of just hitting refresh, I select the URL (on the page that says it’s not available) in the address bar and press return to go to the page it’s showing…. and BOOM I’m in.

It takes me directly to a page where I’m supposed to login with my Member ID.  I apparently made it to the front of the line, but the site crashed with that page load.  I was in too much of a rush to screenshot every screen here.. I have some but I don’t think it’s important.  I was successful and was able to get myself and others in my group badges for all the days plus preview night.  I felt very fortunate that I was randomly selected to be towards the front of the line and that it eventually worked:



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