SDCC Hotels – Should I stay in Mission Valley?

San Diego Hilton Mission Valley












In 2013, our group decided we’d try out Mission Valley and see what the experience was like.  Hotels there are cheaper and easier to get than hotels in Downtown San Diego.  We ended up in the Hilton San Diego Mission Valley.  We hit the Hilton particularly because we had points that could be used for a few of our night’s stay.

I liked the price of the Hilton and the hotel itself was pretty nice.  My brother’s snoring the first night sounded a bit like a freight-train, but besides that my experience actually at the hotel was good.  We banked on the free shuttles that Comic-Con provides.  Our shuttles were slated to run about every 45 minutes or so.

One thing we did NOT plan for was that the shuttles DO NOT RUN EARLY IN THE DAY ON WEDNESDAY.  That means if you get there a little early, drop off your bags and want to head over, you’re stuck with the train.  The nearest train station from the Hilton was about 1 mile or so away.  So we walked.  That was annoying.  The train itself was fine and only like $2.50 for the one way and the shuttles were available to take us back, so that was ok.

If you’re planning on camping out in line, but feel like being courteous and taking a shower or something (or recharging your devices), plan on about 2-2.5 hours to board a shuttle from comic-con, get to your hotel, do whatever you need to do, wait for a shuttle to get you, and ride back to comic-con.  Those several hours were incredibly irritating.. and I suppose is the price you pay for getting the more economical hotels.

Also to get to the Hilton from the airport we ended up taking a Taxi.  It was about $30.  We split it several ways, so this was all right, but if I was on my own, I would have been annoyed.

The other thing you may not think of is that should you be after collectibles or poster tubes or whatever: once you have your crap, the bag check at comic-con is your friend.  Make use of it, but note the hours they close.  Toting around several large boxes and bags was extremely annoying, and in the evening I didn’t have the freedom to just drop them off at my hotel.

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