THE Megan Golden joins!

We’ve been on the hunt grow our team for about 6 months now. We thought adding a few from the fairer sex would shake it up and add some variety to us guys. The problem was that we didn’t want to compromise and just find a pretty face that couldn’t contribute to the conversation. That’s why it’s taken 6 months to find someone. The person we invited has to be wicked awesome and someone that we would consider a friend.

Enter Megan Golden.


A local super nerd that’s way into video games and Marvel! Once we got to know her, we couldn’t resist asking her to join our team. She’ll be joining us on our podcast (Whatever Makes You Weird) when she’s available. You’ll see photoshoots of her and who knows what else. She may win several of us out in geekiness and has been really fun to get to know. A local (to Utah) cosplayer that you may have seen walking around dressed as Lara Croft. But you may also have seen her dressed as Thor, Leatherface, Han Solo or something else. Enough from me, let’s hear a little bit from Megan:


Hey, everyone! Megan here. I’m stoked to have joined the Comic Con Tips team! I am a total nerd, not unlike yourselves! (whatever makes you weird, right?) I’m a big fan of Marvel Comics. I love video games, specifically retro games and zombie slashers. I absolutely love movies and music. I am a cosplayer, locally known as Lara Croft. I like high fives and food. I’m looking forward to talking with all of you!
Mego (:


media (1)Photos courtesy of Dez Creep Core and Farris Gerard