Thor: The Dark World

Ok, it’s opening night and I saw it at the 8:30pm time slot.  So I’m one of the first in the public to see it.  What that means is that I don’t want to give anything away.  I’ll post a more detailed review next week sometime. That being said: it was awesome! Although, I really did feel like it dragged it’s feet getting going.  Lots of backstory and lots of building before anything really happened.

I was also getting worried for the 30 minutes or so that it wasn’t going to be funny.  I had not really wanted to watch the first Thor movie, but did anyway.  I loved it, primarily because it was really funny. I hoped this one would be too, and it was… eventually.
SPOILER ALERT on this paragraph. But not a lot.  There were several really fun/cool plot twists that made this movie awesome.  Some of the costuming of the Dark Elves… a little cheesy, kind of in a bad way.  But just opt to ignore that.  Also, how about that time that Thor’s hammer wielding hand got cut off?  Ok, don’t boo…. you’re here because of Comic-Con and we all saw the preview footage at SDCC where it showed his hand getting cut off.. so no big surprise there.  Also I’m really thinking it would be sweet to get a coat rack hung next to our front door where I can hang Thor’s Hammer.

Be warned: if you’re overly sensitive about nudity… there isn’t any full nudity, but a blurred nude man. Which in my opinion they showed more than they needed to.  But the underwear was funny.

Overall, sweet film. Check it out.  But then again, if you’re reading this, you already know you’re going to.  Don’t forget to watch through the credits.  There is the halfway through credit teaser and also the after all the credits teaser. Stay through the whole thing, then listen to the teenagers in the room tell their girlfriends, “I told you so” about 30 different times to rub it in that they knew it would be there. Go see it.

Thor The Dark World


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