Tip #883 – Get the most out of your Celebrity Photo.

Comic Convention Tip #883 – Get the most out of your Celebrity Photo

Today was Day #2 of Salt Lake Comic Con 2014. One of the events of the day was getting a photograph with Alan Tudyk. Tabitha (from Twitter) asks us for tips on how to get the most out of your photo session. I thought it was a very good question and merited a thoughtful response.

As I briefly eluded to on Twitter, we haven’t been successful on every attempt. Here are a couple from our writers that we didn’t feel were all that super-fantastic:

Stan Lee

(Sorry about the Homer magnet. They lost my digital copy and I didn’t want to dig it out to get a better photo)

A lot of what makes a photo a good one is the people involved. The Stan Lee one shown above was my first photo where they herd you like cattle through the photo op. Honestly, I didn’t have any expectations of what would be happening. The photo was over before I knew it had started. I would have crouched down a little so we were on the same plane to make that one better. For a Stan Lee one, that’s about all it could have been.

Charisma Carpenter Comic Con Group Photo

A lot of what will make the photo turn into great celeb photo is how people are feeling. Clearly in this shot from a bunch in our group and Charisma Carpenter, someone just isn’t feeling it. I don’t think any amount of planning on this one would have made it better.

So how have we made our really cool ones? Well, we’ve been able to do it twice so far. So I’m not sure we’re the best “experts” for this topic, but this is what we did. We planned up the wazoo… and also good fortune reigned down upon us.

Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin Group Comic Con Photos


This one we planned for weeks. We got/built props from Firefly and knew we wanted them to take us hostage. But you have like 10 or less seconds to get setup. This one is not quite how we envisioned it. We had envisioned it more with Adam Baldwin on the left pointing the gun directly right at us herded up and the same with Nathan Fillion on the right. But with 10 seconds to set it up, I handed the gun to Nathan and said, “please hold us hostage.” He responded, “done.” They took the guns, we knelt down and the photo was over. They were gracious and we had to leave. Very cool shot, but I would redo our facial expressions a little and maybe Adam’s position a bit if we had a little more time to do it over. But still one of my favorite photos of all time. I have had MANY people ask me if they are really standing there (or are cardboard cutouts). YES, this is 100% real and unedited.

Alan Tudyk Comic Con Group PhotoThis one is from today’s con. We had the dinosaurs from the Wash character in Firefly and quite honestly, we didn’t know exactly what to do. We debated it over and over in line and could not come up with a good final solution. So all the planning went out the window and we decided that it would be fun to ask Alan Tudyk what he thought we we should do. So I walked up to Alam, handed him the dinosaurs and said, “What do you think we should do?”. He said, “let’s get in teams and cheer on each dinosaur.” So that is what we did. We had props and all had fun with it, including Alan. This one is a new favorite of mine, but I really wish that everyone had put their lanyards away 😉 *wink* *wink* – But frankly, it’s still a freaking awesome photo, so that’s way fun.

Just my two cents.. hope that answers your question Tabitha 🙂




Trevor Nielson
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