Trailerpark Tuesday- Mockingjay, John Wick, Homesman

Comic Con Tips - Trailerpark TuesdayMockingjay

Tim These new Hunger Games trailers are getting better and better. This one focuses a lot on Katniss as the reluctant symbol of the rebellion. Scenes of her talking to President Snow, seeing Peeta alive, and running through a war-torn Capitol look fantastic. The tone feels darker than the previous movies, not just in its story elements, but in the look as well. I’m really excited to see this.

Trevor – I can’t wait for this show. I’m bummed it’s split into two shows, but that’s how it goes these days. The trailer looks great, although it doesn’t portray how sad this is going to be. I’ll be there day one.


John Wick

Tim – I’m not a Keanu Reeves hater. Granted, I can recognize that he sometimes seems to being playing a parody of himself, but he was also in the Matrix movies. So, c’mon… give the guy a break. I think this movie looks ridiculous and fun. Assassins are cool, especially when they’re highly skilled, never-gonna-exist-in-real-life versions. The line about them killing his dog made me laugh out loud because it was so bad, but visually this movie could be great. I’ll give it a rental.\

Trevor – I feel like there’s stuff that I’m missing. It takes about half of the trailer for me to forget that all of this is all because of his dog. It looks action packed and full of fun, but I’m not positive that I’m sold. I’ll likely watch it, but it won’t be day one.


The Homesman

Tim – Actually, I’ll probably see this one in the theater. Why? I can’t really say. But I feel that we need a good Western every now and then. Tommy Lee Jones and Hilary Swank are fine actors. I likes me a good old fashioned drama every now and then. (Did that sound “cowboy” enough?) I’m highly interested.

Trevor – Hmmmmm. I struggle with westerns. But I like Tommy Lee Jones and this looks like a touching story. It looks craftfully put together and full of genuine emotion. I can see the value this film will bring, I may end up watching it despite my typical feelings about westerns.