Trailerpark Tuesday- Retro

Pulp FictionJust for fun, this week’s trailers come from exactly 20 years ago. There aren’t a lot of new trailers out there this week that are really worth talking about. So we picked three movies that came out late September through early October 1994. What do you think of these “classic” films?


The Shawshank Redemption

Trevor – Since this is a new format where we review trailers for shows we’ve likely already seen, I’m not 100% sure how to approach this. Let me just say this, this trailer does not come even close to depicting the epicness that is this movie. Based on the trailer, it looks somewhat interesting, but I have to admit that if that trailer came out now, I’m not sure I would watch it. It just doesn’t depict how cool the puzzle this movie presents is going to be. If for some reason you have not seen the Shawshank Redemption, you need to put it on your list.

Tim – Shawshank is one of the best movies of our generation. But we’re talking about the trailer here. And it kind of sucks. It has this “golly gee, mister” feel that really doesn’t communicate the depth of this story. It’s heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. And the acting is amazing. I feel like movies have come a long way in the last 20 years, but the same goes for trailers. The pacing, music, narrator, etc… have all been refined so much that trailers are often better than the actual movie. I’d love to see a modern trailer for this same movie to see how differently it would come across.


Pulp Fiction

Trevor –I just don’t know. My movie tastes have changed dramatically in 20 years. At the time I didn’t care for this show. Now that I know who all of the major actors are, this show looks quite interesting to try watching again. I think we’ve started becoming accustomed to faster paced shows and I’m not positive the level of corn presented here would meet my current needs. Still I’m curious and I may be curious enough to go back and rewatch this old classic.

Tim – I saw Pulp Fiction a few years after it was first released. I remember liking it, but I think I would appreciate it so much more now. The trailer feels a little dated (that will be a running theme this week), but I think that it’s still cool and it would get me excited to see the movie even if I had never heard of it to this day. The music choice is great and it does a pretty good job of telegraphing that this movie is going to be a little bit crazy. Which it is. And it’s marvelous.



Trevor – I didn’t see this one 20 years ago, and although it sounds vaguely familiar, I’m not remembering this one at all. The premise sounds pretty decent here. I think it’s funny that they reference 2004 as the year we invent time travel. It probably has potential and, for the day, the effects were probably awesome… but I won’t be signing up for Netflix on this one.. but if a group of friends decided to hang out and watch this for kicks, I could go for it.

Tim – Oh, Timecop, you ridiculous piece of garbage. I know I’ve seen this on TV at some point and it doesn’t hold up. At the time, maybe there was something to it, but I think we’ve moved on from the Jean Claude style action movie. It’s a little too cheesy. I also love that the movie was set only 10 years later and had this crazy future technology. We’re now another 10 years beyond the movie and the reality is that we’re not really that different from the mid-90’s. We just have computers in our pockets.