Trailerpark Tuesday – The Giver, Sin City 2, Let’s Be Cops

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Comic Con Tip authors weigh in on this week’s movie trailer lineup, including The Giver and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.



The Giver

The current spate of post-apocalyptic and dystopian movies and novels owe a lot to The Giver. When the book that movie is based on was released back in 1993, it was the first of its kind in many ways. The story, or at least something similar, had been told before but not targeted at older children and teens. These days, there are entire sections of bookstores dedicated to this stuff. I’m surprised that it’s taken this long for a movie to be made of The Giver. I only hope that it can be half as good as the book was. So at this point, I’ll say I’m curious.
I remember I read this book in High School, but to be honest I don’t really remember it. So far I’ve only seen two trailers. Obviously they have a great cast. That alone makes me interested in checking this one out. I’m not entirely sure I understand the plot but it’s given me enough bread crumbs to be interested. I’m keeping an optimistic eye on this one.
I have not read this book and with the recent barrage of dystopian films we’re getting these days, I’m starting to wonder how many of these I can handle. Jeff Bridges. He’s enough for me to justify watching the film. I’m also really curious about the Katie Holmes character. She seems to be the one that has to be swayed into believing that there is something wrong with their society to get the ball rolling, so a lot could hinge on her performance. I haven’t really seen her in anything since Batman Begins and who knows what effect being married to Tom Cruise and having a child will have on her acting. I am interested to see how this one plays out. Then I will read the book.
If you’re curious enough to delve a little more into this, check out their website for an interactive experience:

Sin City: A Dame to Die For

I respect Sin City for what it is doing even if I don’t totally love it. Much like the first Sin City, the movie is like watching a live-action graphic novel. The imagery is beautiful and hyper-stylized. The movie is written by Frank Miller and directed by Miller and Robert Rodriguez, so if you’re familiar with their comic and movie history, you know just how violent this movie is going to be. I love the cast, I’m just not a huge fan of the style as a whole. It’s great to look at, but I like the more grounded approach of movies like the Dark Knight. Sometimes too much style can swallow the soul.
The first movie was okay. I love the style. I think it looks great, but as like last time I doubt there’s much substance. Most likely this will be something I watch when they start airing it a thousand times on cable. I can’t gather much enthusiasm for it.
This one is out of the realm of my normal movie watching experiences. I only watched a few minutes of the first Sin City and didn’t particularly care for what I saw. As a photographer, I find the high stylizing very interesting to look at. But I found the few minutes that I did see so violent that it wasn’t appealing to me. I doubt I watch this one. Nice to see Jessica Alba getting back into her acting career though.

Let’s Be Cops

This one is not really what we would consider to be topical to Comic Con oriented movies, so we aren’t reviewing it. But we had a laugh talking about it and thought it may bring a smile to your face if you have yet to see this trailer, especially if you’re a New Girl fan:

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