Trailerpark Tuesday – Woman in Gold, Mortdecai

Woman in Gold:

Trevor – Well, it’s just me today so you get to hear all of the ravings of a grouchy old man. Woman in Gold, doesn’t look like a typical movie that we would review and maybe shouldn’t be posted here, but I was touched by the trailer. It looks good and seems to be a light-hearted telling of a pretty sad story. I hope it ends well. I’m not going to turn into a fanboy on this one, but it looks like a movie that everyone will talk about for a few months and make people feel again if only for a while.


Mortdecai – International

Trevor – We’ve reviewed this before, but frankly trailers this week are slim pickins. A cast that normally doesn’t perform together in a way that is odd and quirky. I’m interested to see how it goes. Could be stupid, could be awesome.. probably depends on who you’re watching it with.