Trailerpark Tuesday – X-Men, Edge and Hercules

Comic Con Tips - Trailerpark Tuesday

Today we start a new tradition: Trailerpark Tuesday.We’ll introduce movie trailers that have come out during the previous week and give our takes on them. We’re a little late today, as the idea was hatched today but here is what we have for this week:

New trailers this week:

X-Men: Days of Future Past – May 23, 2014

Tim – I’ll admit that I was originally hesitant about this movie. I thought that First Class was such a cool new take on X-Men. So when I heard that Brian Singer and many of the characters from the earlier movies were back, I was a little disappointed. But this newest trailer brought me back! EPIC!
Trevor – I like this second trailer significantly more than the first one.  The first one left me confused, this one shows me a plot that I can get behind. All I know is that even after this trailer, we haven’t seen even a part of how cool this show will be. I based that on the panel at San Diego Comic Con in 2013. There are a lot of great cast members in this show. It will be awesome.


Edge of Tomorrow – June 6, 2014

Tim – I’m more excited about this movie than maybe any other summer movie this year. Let’s hope it lives up to my expectations. Sci-fi mind-bendy with a dash of Groundhog’s Day? Yes, please.
Trevor – All I can think about after watching this trailer is Groundhog Day meets mini Jaegers from Pacific Rim (In my defense, I did not know about Tim’s Groundhog’s Day comment when I wrote this). Looks to be very action packed and I’ll bet the special effects are phenomenal. I don’t think there will be much meat to this movie, but looks like fun eye candy with a twist.


Hercules – Jul 25, 2014

Tim – Is it cool if I admit that I have a man-crush on Dwayne Johnson? There’s a 50/50 chance that this movie will be terrible, but I’ll give them props for a pretty cool trailer. Did you see that lion? And that boar?!
Trevor –  I guess Tim, although I think Jason Statham is perhaps a better man-crush pick 😉 – This movie could be interesting, but the trailer spends too much time hiding that Dwayne is playing the Hercules character. So much so that it was a little distracting. I’m interested to see the next trailer that will hopefully give us a little more information.

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