[0037] TV Show Roundup – Fall 2015

Wherein we discuss some current TV. Topics here include that the new Alan Tudyk crowd-funded show could be a little bit on the depressing side and isn’t necessarily what everyone excepted it to be. What’s interesting is that the post for Con-Man portrays pretty accurately how the show feels, not necessarily the type of show some of us expected.


There was quite a bit of discussion around The Muppets and how the new show compares to some of the Muppet ventures from our childhoods. Is it too racy now or does it just feel like each muppet could just be anybody, not necessary needed to be played by a muppet character.

We took a few minutes to talk about Trevor’s Tivo breaking whilst Cortney attempted to help Trevor troubleshoot the problem, live, on air, with you guys listening. You’ll love it.

The new Neil Patrick Harris show, “Best Time Ever” and it’s impact on television. It’s kind of a fun show, but maybe isn’t delivering as much as we’d hoped. We’re hoping that if given enough episodes it could get into a groove and get good, we’ll see.

Find out where Trevor is in his Doctor Who adventures and that Tim may actually cave in and finally start to watch the show he’ll eventually fall in love with.

We talk some Orphan Black, Last Man Standing. Tim feels that the new season of Last Man Standing is very cute. The throwbacks to season 1 are very funny and it’s got a little more heart. He’s crazy.

Scream Queens, while getting crazy great reviews (58%), Tim feels it’s a little odd. You may need to be really into Clueless and Scream to be able to get into this show. It’s an odd show, maybe give it a try and let us know what you think. Ariana Grande is a looker, but is the obvious choice to be murdered first on this show… so don’t be too disappointed when it happens. Jamie Lee Curtis’ portrayal in this show is great.

Fargo Season 2 is looking great and if you like Sherlock, you’ll likely enjoy this show.

Jessica Jones is showing up on Netflix really soon and just debuted the first episode at New York Comic Con. It’s looking to be a keeper, but could be a little bit edgier than previous Marvel tv offerings.

There is a new Twilight book with a girl vampire and boy human? I know you’re gonna love it.

What are we doing for the day Marty McFly comes to the future next week? I may be seeing this in the theater, how about you?

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