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Comic Con Tips - Agents-of-what SHIELD

So if you know anything about pop culture, you know that “Captain America: Winter Soldier” opened in the U.S. last weekend and that there were major changes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you want to remain unspoiled, I advise you to stop reading.

So, in a sentence, SHIELD no longer exists because Captain America discovered that HYDRA was secretly controlling SHIELD and he exposed the whole dirty situation.

Great movie, great twist. But what does that mean for Agents of you know, SHIELD?  I don’t know the complete answer, but it looks like fans of the show can expect the repercussions of “Captain America” to change everything we thought we knew about the show. And I think this is a very good thing.

When AoS was announced last year I was very excited. A new show created by the one and only Joss Whedon, I’m in.  But as the show progressed and as it became clear that Joss wasn’t going to be too heavily involved (due to his Avengers 2 commitments) I quickly became underwhelmed.

It felt like it should be a show on the SyFy network rather than broadcast television. There didn’t seem to be many stakes, the plots felt generic and there was no sense of urgency. But I stuck with the show, because I felt that they were building some interesting characters and because even though Joss wasn’t too involved, I had hope that the creative team he left in charge (Jed, Maurissa, etc.) were capable of doing cool things.

Every now and again there would be a pretty fun episode, but nothing that really blew my mind. When the show went off the air Dec. 10 for its winter hiatus, I probably wouldn’t have cared much if it hadn’t returned. But it did and things picked up a bit. The case of the week format seemed to be disintegrating, replaced by a more interesting serialized story. The show wasn’t perfect, but I enjoyed spending time with the characters, especially Coulson, May, Fitz and Simmons. Then in the last few weeks it started to become something I genuinely looked forward to. Not my favorite show, but something I was invested in.

About a month ago, I began to hear rumblings that the new Captain America movie would have major consequences for “Agensts of SHIELD.” Oh, how right those rumors were. Tuesday night’s episode was flat-out great. Just when I thought I had things figured out, there was another twist. Very cool. The final twist of the episode, which I won’t spoil here, sends the show into a place I didn’t think it was willing to go. I hope they stick with this twist and don’t chicken out.

I read some interviews from producers today that say they planted hints and clues for this twist throughout the series.  Kudos to them. It’s good to know they had a plan. Let’s hope their plans continue to pay off.

If “Agents of SHIELD” can keep its momentum going I think it can go from a fun show to an excellent show. Let’s hope they’ve finally hit their stride. Only time will tell.


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