Breaking Bad Finale Review

Breaking Bad Finale PhotoDo you get the same feeling that I do at the end of an amazing TV series? That feeling where you want to see the finale and have everything wrap up, but you also don’t want to let go because you know it’s now over? Oh, Breaking Bad, how I loved you. Breaking Bad is one of my favorite TV series of all time, second only to Lost. No other shows have had such perfect character development. Watching Walter White’s fall to becoming the villain was handled with finesse and care, and essentially every step was believable. I feel that this man existed, and I understood his choices even when I disagreed with them.

The finale itself is not the show’s best episode, but it’s still ranks as one of the best. Personally, my favorite episode was Ozymandias, which aired only a few weeks ago. It tied up most of the stories in a heartbreaking fashion. We still had to deal with rescuing Jesse and eliminating the Neo Nazis, though. The finale handled this well, and Walter was able to save the day in a cool way that used his scientific brain while still getting what he (arguably) deserved for his crimes throughout the series. There was a strong balance of redemption and justice. The last few episodes served as more of an epilogue after Ozymandias, but I still felt like every moment still mattered.

It will probably be a while before we see another show like Breaking Bad. There are other good ones out there. But no show has been able to touch the amazing performances of the cast of Breaking Bad, in particular, Bryan Cranston as Walter White. It deserves to win ALL the awards this year.

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