Comic Con 2015 Tip #15 Know schedule changes.

Comic Con 2015 Tip #15

SDCC Schedule Changes

Know when the schedule changes:

Today is Friday two weeks before San Diego Comic-Con starts. This morning SDCC announced Friday’s schedule. It’s only been a few hours and there have already been 7 updates to Friday’s schedule. Including things as significant as removing Exec Producer Brian Minchin from the Doctor Who panel. There has also been a room change, MC change and other minor changes. Only 5 are on the “official” UPDATED list.

Want to know how I know? We have an awesome new tool to help keep track of what’s changed so you don’t have to try and scan through everything and hope you haven’t missed anything. While we haven’t made a public link to it yet, I’m gonna let you know about it – if you can keep it a secret 😉

It’s still in Beta, but feel free to check it out and let us know what you think! Help us get the word out too! If it’s popular enough, we’ll continue developing on it and get more cool stuff added in there as well.

If you find it useful, please consider following us on Facebook and Twitter! That would be really cool of you and very helpful for us.

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