Comic Con 2015 Tip #17

Comic Con 2015 Tip #17

Pick Your Chair:


You’ll be in line for a large amount of time while at Comic-Con. It’s easy enough and allowed to bring a chair, but the question is which one would you rather? I’ll list ones I’ve tried and some I’ve thought about trying:

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Tripod StoolTripod Stool:

Of the stools that I’ve tried this one is the easiest to store in a backpack and quickest to setup and plop down. It’s great if your line is moving often and you just want to get pressure off your legs. For really long and slow moving lines (think camping out), this one can get a little bit uncomfortable after a while, but is a strong go to for faster moving lines. I did find on the one I bought (different model) that one of the edges seemed to wear through quickly, but this one has great reviews on Amazon and has a high weight limit so it should be pretty good.

Mantis Chair:

Mantis ChairThis chair is by far the most comfortable, but also the most complicated to setup. If you’re camping out overnight this year to see the Star Wars panel, this guy is a perfect choice. It’s light, compact, but also gives you a fully supportive back-rest. The best of all the worlds for comfort. It IS a little more difficult to assemble and move around. So if you’re in a fast moving line, this might not be the best pick, but for long-term sitting, it’s gonna be awesome. Price is quite a bit higher than the other choices.


Stadium SeatStadium Seat:

This seat is the lightest of these options. It’s also a very economical choice. It fits in the back of your backpack pretty decent and can be folded if necessary. It may take up slightly more room than the Tripod Stool, but probably less space than the Mantis Chair. It’s comfortable and provides a surprising amount of back support. The only downside I’ve really noticed with this particular seat is that you are full on sitting on the ground. If your line is quick moving, it can be a little challenging to plant yourself all the way on the ground. You can’t stand from sitting quite as fast with this chair.

Camp Stool:

Rambler StoolThis is the only one in this list that I haven’t personally tried at San Diego Comic-Con. But my cousin had one of these and he seemed to quite like it. It is similar to the Tripod Stool in that it folds up very easily, is light and easy to get up and down with. It also doesn’t provide a lot of back support. But to it’s benefit over the Tripod Stool is that it doesn’t have the third leg digging into your crotchal area ;). But it’s a little more awkward to fit into your backpack as well.


Full Size Camping Chair:

Camp ChairHere is probably the most comfortable seat that you can have while in line. This one probably is really only going to work for you if you are in the Hall H or Ballroom 20 line. It’s bulky to carry around and not lightweight. It is the most comfortable long-term. Besides being bulky and not able to fit in your bag, it will also not fit under your seat very well. You’ll likely need to put it underneath two seats, so hopefully the person next to you is cool with that. I brought one my first year not really knowing what to expect. It was very comfortable, but a huge pain to carry around and stow once settled in the room.

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