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Izzi Keener
Aspen Field
Megan Golden
Tanglwyst de Halloway
Monika Lee
Riki “Riddle” LeCotey

Fun Quotes from the panel:

“I have a shot of me feeding a squirrel as Elmer Fudd” – Riddle

“Well that’s not cosplay”, “Well you’re not my real mom” – Monika Lee

“I have to be able to camp in it” – Tanglwyst de Halloway


Comic Con started off with one of my favorite panels: Cosplay 101. I attended this panel duringFanX in April and knew it would become one of my must-sees in the future. Panelists included Izzi Keener, Megan Golden, Tanglwyst de Halloway, Aspen Field, Monika Lee and Riddle. It was a great lineup of guests that had anywhere from just a couple years cosplay experience to professional cosplayers who travel to conventions all year long. And can I just say, Izzi has the deepest, silky-smooth voice I’ve ever heard. That man needs to do more voice work.

The panel was both enlightening and funny. The panelists talked about how they got into cosplay, what it means to them, and ways to get involved in the cosplay community. Utah has a really strong cosplay culture and groups like Cosplay Utah on Facebook are a great way to get started. Panelists Monika Lee and Riddle are like a comedy duo and kept everyone laughing with their offhand remarks and mildly explicit jokes. Izzi has participated in cosplay groups like Heroic and he had a lot of information about joining up with like-minded cosplayers and finding ways to promote worthy causes in costume. One particularly touching story involved a little boy with leukemia who had requested to see meet the Avengers. Izzi (who looks remarkably like Thor) was able to dress up and surprise this boy. That child will soon be going in for surgery and has requested that Thor be there again beforehand to wish him well. And Megan Golden just makes you want to cosplay with her. She has such a warm, positive attitude and speaks very passionately about the importance that cosplay has in her life and the friendships that she has garnered because of it.
The only downside of the panel was the pre-registration fiasco that left thousands and thousands of Comic Con attendees waiting outside. In April, this same panel played to a packed room. For this Con, organizers had given the panelists a bigger room, but there were a lot of people outside that missed the panel by no fault of their own. I wish the panel could have been held Friday or Saturday because I know it would have been packed to overflowing.Overall, Cosplay 101 was a great panel and I hope that SLCC organizers continue to offer it each year. The panelists were great and represented a wide range of the cosplay community. This was a great way to kick off the Con (for those who got into the building!)



Audio from this entire panel will be made available via a future podcast (that we haven’t started yet).

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