EA E3 Summary

EA LogoEA had several big games to show at E3 2015. Here are some thoughts. Let us know what you think, too.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

My most anticipated EA games. It won’t be out until holiday 2016, but we finally got a look. The game looks like it’ll be more about exploring new planets, much like the first game, and it brings back the MAKO. The game will be set in the Andromeda system. It was really only a teaser though, so we have a lot more news to look forward to in the future.

Need for Speed

I can kind of get behind the Need for Speed franchise. I’m not into simulation racing games like Forza and Gran Turismo, but the more arcade-style ones are fast and fun. This new game has brought back FMV cutscenes, a silly throwback to old NFS games. The cars look beautiful and they’re very customizable. The game is meant to be played online with friends. It comes out this October.

The Old Republic

Knights of the Fallen Empire, a free expansion for SWTOR, will add a lot of new story to the MMO. It comes out this August. The cinematics look fantastic and the story looks interesting and personal. However, it’s still an MMO and I generally hate playing with strangers. Twelve-year-olds name “FartKiller2005” kind of break the illusion for me. Just give me a new Knights of the Old Republic.


A charming platformer with gorgeous visuals. Artistically beautiful with clever mechanics to get around the world.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

I mentioned this during the Microsoft summary, but we saw a little more at EA. Fun and cute, but the first game couldn’t hold my attention. This sequel introduces new modes like Garden Ops (4-player zombie co-op) and new sniper and melee classes. They’ve also added a solo play mode where you can play any mode by yourself, or there’s also split-screen co-op. If you’re a fan of Garden Warfare, this game looks bigger, crazier, and more fun. Launches in Spring 2016 and includes free content updates down the line.

Sports Stuff…

NHL 16, Madden, NBA Live, FIFA.. sorry, I fell asleep for a minute. EA really needs to have two conferences. One for sports, one for their traditional games. That way we could dedicate more time to things like Mass Effect and Battlefront, and the sports guys could focus more on those games without angering the majority of the crowd.

Mobile Games

A new Star Wars mobile RPG is coming to movile. It’s called Galaxy of Heroes. Collect heroes and let them battle. Something something something. It’s Star Wars, so I’ll probably play it. Minions Paradise looks a little like Diner Dash.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Yes! So much yes! Mirror’s Edge is one of my favorite games, and the theme song is still one of the best out there. This game is a prequel in the sense that it’s the origin story of Faith. The gameplay looks fluid and fast just like the first game. It’s parkour at it’s most extreme. But the big change is that it’s no longer level-based, but rather its a true free-running experience. The game comes out February 23, 2016. I seriously can’t wait.

Star Wars: Battlefront

Such a great demo. We got to see gameplay footage from Hoth. They jumped between different styles of play so we saw what it was like to be the guy on the ground (both first and third person views), a TIE fighter, rebel ships with tow cables, AT-STs, AT-ATs, and hero/villain characters like Luke and Vader. The sound was incredible. It sounded just like the movies, but even more so because there’s so much going on. The environments and effects look great, especially as dynamic things happen like taking down an AT-AT and watching the snow around it burst into clouds. There are several different modes and ways to play. The game releases November 17, 2015 and it will light the world on fire.

Check back very soon for thoughts on Ubisoft, and later tonight for Sony.




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