Fantasy Con Press Conference

Fantasy Con Cosplay GroupIt’s official. FantasyCon has been pushed back to 2016. Josh Patel, founder of FantasyCon, and his staff decided that delaying the con for a year would give them the time needed to create something truly unique and epic. So Fantasy Con will be held June 2-4, 2016 at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah. Sandy City mayor Tom Dolan expressed his excitement in partnering with FantasyCon and that the city will work with the organizers to make it an amazing experience for fans. Expect Fantasy Con to take over Sandy, not just the Expo Center.

Fantasy Con Josh PatelOrganizers don’t want to just bring in a bunch of celebrities and call it good. Cons like that are already being done elsewhere. Fantasy Con should be a unique experience with art, interactive elements, shows, music and more. They are working to bring in several Las Vegas acts, a really cool water fountain that’s 15 feet high and 25 feet wide with a giant sea serpent spraying water, and even live jousting. Charlie Andrews from the Knights of Mayhem announced that full-contact jousting will be a part of FantasyCon. By delaying the con a year, they’ll be able to bring in internationally renowned jousters from around the globe to compete against our American champions.

Charlie AndrewsThe FilmQuest Festival will continue to be a part of FantasyCon, and they will actually still hold the festival this year without the con. Dates are June 18-27, 2015. Last year’s festival was Utah’s second largest film festival (after Sundance) and it was only in its first year. Some of the films ended up being Oscar nominees, so these are quality films in a quickly growing festival.

Fantasy Con Press Conference 2014One very popular guest from the last FantasyCon was Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings). He’ll be returning to FantasyCon 2016 along with his band, Beecake. VIP pass holders will be able to get into the concert for free.

Stay tuned for more news about FantasyCon. We’ll keep you updated as it’s made available.

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