Funny Fillion Friday – Serenity in the Park NerdHQ 2013

NerdHQ Petco Park Serenity small s

While looking through Nathan Fillion videos today, I found this fun one filmed behind Nathan as people were exiting Petco Park after the screening of Serenity at NerdHQ in 2013. I thought that was pretty cool… especially since from the crowd, you really couldn’t hear what he was saying very well. It was surprising how well I could hear what people were shouting up at Nathan. Funny.

I realized that I had a video I had never posted of the intro to Serenity and the commentary that Nathan and Alan Tudyk did for the first five minutes. You can’t hear very well over the movie, but hey it’s something. Check them both out.. there’s some funny stuff in there.

This is where you watch the Serenity movie..