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During the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con last weekend, we attended a panel that is worth talking about. It was a cosplay creation panel that was put on by Garage FX, a couple of guys who create amazing armor, costumes, weapons, and masks in their spare time. Currently, this is only a hobby that they do on the side, often for free, but the level of quality is certainly professional.


The panel was held in a pretty small room, but it was packed and standing room only. They could easily fill a room several times larger. The two men, brothers-in-law, brought in their daughters who were dressed as the Spawnettes (see photo above). Starting with black Zentai suits, they created boots, masks, accessories and some pretty wicked weapons all by hand. Using a Powerpoint presentation, they showed photos of the mask making process and talked about materials that can be used to make cheap, awesome pieces. They had all sorts of tips on why you should use this material and not that, or where you can find the right materials, and how to use fairly common methods to create surprising details.


Aside from the panel, Garage FX also had a booth on the show floor. Here they showcased several of their costumes (see photos below) and had weapons laying around for attendees to handle, play with, and take pictures. They were giving free foam armor tutorials with the same equipment that they would use in their shop. It was completely hands-on and interactive, and was a wildly popular booth.


I would love to see more of these guys at any of the Comic Cons. They’re fun and engaging, and the tips they gave are truly useful for anyone who wants to cosplay. They just need a much bigger room for their panels, and in doing so, I would like to see a little more demonstration with real materials and items they’ve created during the panel itself. You can check out their stuff at and watch their videos at their YouTube channel: GarageFX.

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