Microsoft E3 Summary

XBOX OneMicrosoft’s E3 2015 press conference just ended. Here are some thoughts on what we saw? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Halo 5: Guardians

We got to see some campaign footage with Locke, a playable character in Guardians that is hunting Master Chief. The game looks beautiful and there are some awesome new enemies and weapons, but the Locke side of the gameplay does look heavily inspired by Call of Duty. I’m sure that the Master Chief sections will still feel very Halo-y. Also, Nathan Fillion is in the game. Not just as a voice, but his likeness, too. So, I guess my wife will want to watch me play now. The game releases this holiday.


We didn’t see much, but Recore is a new exclusive to XBOX. It looks like it might be a third-person adventure game with exploration, robot dogs, and automatons. I’m interested, but we’ll need to wait to hear more.

Backward Compatability and New Controller

XBOX One is now getting backward compatibility. Your XBOX 360 digital purchases will transfer over, and retail discs will work, too. Technically, it will just download the digital version of the retail disc that you have. It will happen this holiday and not all games will work. Hopefully we’ll start to get a list soon.

A new Elite controller was also shown. There seem to be a lot more buttons, maybe more customizable. There haven’t been a lot of details, but it looks interesting.

Fallout 4

I shared my feelings on Fallout 4 last night after the Bethesda conference, but we did get some great news from Microsoft. Mods created on PC will be downloadable on XBOX One. What a cool feature that will keep us playing forever.

EA Access

EA announced that it’s subscription service, EA Access, will be getting Titanfall and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Also, the service will be free to XBOX Live Gold members for this week only. So you can check out the 12 titles that are on there as much as you want for the next week.

EA also announced Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Personally, this game doesn’t do it for me. I played the first game for about 15 minutes. It was fine, but I didn’t see any reason to stick around. The trailers are fun, though. I’ll give them that.

Forza Motorsport 6

Unless Master Chief is going to step out of the GT that they brought on stage, I just don’t care. Enjoy your cars. I’ll take Burnout Paradise.

Dark Souls III

Yes! We only got a cinematic trailer, but it was beautiful. I fell down the Dark Souls well about a year ago and now I love those games. Difficult, demanding, imaginative, and rewarding. I can’t wait to see more and what about new features coming to this third game. The same studio also made Bloodborne for PS4, so I’ll be they bring some of those elements to this franchise.

The Division

We’ve been waiting a long time for this game, and it sounds like we’ll still be waiting awhile. The game blends a lot of genres (third person shooter, MMO, RPG, tactical shooter) and seems to have a well-realized post-plague cityscape. There will be a beta this December and we should be playing the game next year.

Rainbow Six: Siege

We just got a brief reminder and short footage reel. The game looks great, but can it’s multiplayer-only focus give it the legs it needs? Titanfall and Evolve didn’t set the world on fire as much as they maybe were expecting to.


Gigantic is a cel-shaded MOBA for consoles. So if you’re into League of Legends, DOTA, or Heroes of the Storm, this game might be for you. Not for me, but for you.


The indie initiative at Microsoft showed us a little bit about Tacoma, Ashen, Beyond Eyes, Cuphead, and more. Tacoma is made by the team that made Gone Home and it has a little bit of a Dead Space feel (at least as far as exploration is concerned), so I’ll play it. Cuphead looks like a cartoon from the 1930s (think Popeye) and the action looks crazy.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

This was the game I was most excited to see. I love these games, and the last reboot was beautiful and cinematic. Rise of the Tomb Raider will be exclusive to Microsoft this year, and we’ll see it later on PS4. So everyone can still play it. The snowy level that was saw looked fantastic, especially the moutains off in the distance. It really made it feel like this was a real place. And we saw a lot of clips of tombs! What a novel idea! The last game was great, but admittedly, there weren’t a lot of tombs. I want to explore and solve puzzles. I’ll definitely buy and play this.

Rare Replay

A collection of 30 games for $30 that’s available in August. So you can play games like Battletoads, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, and Viva Pinata.

Sea of Thieves

A new, proper game from Rare. It looks to be heavily multiplayer in a cartoony pirate world. Ships battles, treasure hunting, fighting skeletons, and more. We don’t know a ton about it yet, but it looks charming.

Fable Legends

I haven’t really cared about Fable since about halfway through the third game. This game looks like it’s just slapping the Fable name on it, but it’s an experience that I’m not really interested in. It’ll be free to play on XBOX One and Windows 10. As long as the freemium model isn’t intrusive, I guess that’s a good thing.


Minecraft will work with HoloLens, a mixed reality experience. Using the headset, you can see your Minecraft world laid out in front of you on a table, much like if you were building with Legos. The tech allows you to look inside the buildings and underground to see more of the world. The concept is amazing and I think that 10 years from now, the technology will be amazing, both for gaming and practical use. But I have a strong feeling that the experience won’t be as smooth as we’d like. The controls seems a little awkward and limited, so you’re probably just going to want to play with a control and a screen like we do now.

Gears 4

A new chapter in the Gears of War franchise. We saw a gameplay demo with some new characters, but it looked very Gears. Things were quiet and dark, and then shiz goes bad. We saw guns and chainsaws. I’d like to know more about what this new conflict or threat is, and what makes this game something more than just “another Gears because they’re popular.”

Check back throughout the day for thoughts on EA, Ubisoft, and Sony.



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