Rhode Island Comic Con – Celebrity no-show’s resulting from LAX shooting.

I’m not a fan of publishing lots of information specific to mass shooters.  I feel pretty strongly that publishing lots of information about these people only contributes to future shootings. So I won’t talk about the idiot that was responsible for these things, but the following was a result of his actions.

A quote from Rhode Island Comic-Con:


“Again we apologize for issues people are having! Due to the shooting many people could not get out of lax, please remember there was a shooting with many lives that were effected.

We do not control autograph prices, the celebrity does.
We are working on the batman refunds.
Vip areas are located on the 5th floor
Every concern will be addressed Thank you for your patience!”


Trevor Nielson
Writer & Photographer at ComicCon.tips
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P.S. Trevor converted to Marvel & DC comics and movies later on, so no heartburn on that one, right?