Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 – Big Event Schedule

We’ve found the Salt Lake Comic Con site a little difficult to navigate. We thought it would be helpful (for us) to have the big events all in one place, and thought maybe you would appreciate that too. Here it is:
WEDNESDAY April 16th:
Registration – 8am-8pm
THURSDAY April 17th:
Registration – 8am-8pm
Hall Hours – 1pm-8pm
VIP Hall Hours – 12pm-8pm
* PHOTO OP: Star Trek – TNG Cast 4pm
* PHOTO OP: Star Trek – Men of TNG 5pm
* PHOTO OP: William Shatner 5:15pm
* PHOTO OP: Karl Urban 6:15pm
* PHOTO OP: Walking Dead 7pm
Face-On Cosplay Makeup Contest – 6pm
* Star Trek Ultimate Xperience – 6:30pm-8:00pm
FRIDAY April 18th:
Registration – 8am-8pm
Hall Hours – 10am-8pm
VIP Hall Hours – 9am-8pm
* PHOTO OP: Karl Urban 12:15pm
* PHOTO OP: Star Trek – TNG Cast 2:15pm
* PHOTO OP: Walking Dead 4:45pm
* PHOTO OP: Star Trek – Women of TNG 6:15pm
* Just Cuz No-Cos Costume Contest – 5pm
* Red Carpet Event – 7:30pm – ?
SATURDAY April 18th:
Registration – 8am-8pm
Hall Hours – 10am-8pm
VIP Hall Hours – 9am-8pm
* PHOTO OP: Walking Dead 12:30pm
Cosplay Contest – 1pm
* PHOTO OP: Firefly: Nathan Fillion & Adam Baldwin – 4:15pm
* PHOTO OP: Nathan Fillion – 5pm
Salt Lake Comic Con Dead Crawl – 8pm-2am
* indicates there is a fee to attend.
** Sir Patrick Stewart is not official yet, so we don’t know when his Photo Ops will be. He IS listed in the offical Program Guide.. so my guess is that he will be there. I mean, come on.. what would a Star Trek “Ultimate Xperience” be without him?

Trevor Nielson
Writer & Photographer at
Trevor began his forray into nerdom as a kid peddling his bike all the way to the local bookstore to purchase comic books. The boring superhero comics weren’t good enough for Trevor, he wanted the real ones. The ones with ducks. Now who's laughing while he’s on his way to cash in all those valuable Ducktales comics. Soon he’ll have his own money bin full to the brim. These days, to fill the time before the money bin construction completes (and begins), Trevor fills his time with photography, movies, television and comic book conventions. You can find his cosplay Meet & Greet mini-shoot and articles on this site as well as prints of his photographs being sold by cosplayers throughout the land.

P.S. Trevor converted to Marvel & DC comics and movies later on, so no heartburn on that one, right?

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