SDCC- A Few Random Reactions

Comic Con Tips Hall H HobbitSo another SDCC has come and gone. And we all learned something this year, didn’t we? For one thing, they still haven’t fixed the Hall H line problem. But let’s forget about logistics. What did we learn from all the panels? And more importantly what do I think of those things?

Wonder Woman reveal

Yes, we saw the cool footage of Superman and Batman, but I was more taken by the new poster featuring Gal Godot. I think it looks great. I saw some grumbling on Twitter about all the colors being washed out. But come on, it’s a poster. That doesn’t mean we won’t see more vibrant colors in the movie and even if we don’t, it still looks a lot better than the rubber suits we’ve seen. And no flag panties, which I think is a good thing. Good job Warner Bros.
Comic Con Tips Wonder Woman Reveal

The Legend of Korra
Ok. What the *$*%# is going on here. Yes, technically it was revealed before the Korra panel, that this amazing series was being taken off the air and moved exclusively to Nickelodeon’s website, but they elaborated more at Comic Con and I’m still confused. Nickelodeon decides to barely advertise the third season and is then surprised at poor ratings. What did they think. And to cut it in the middle of the season, ridiculous. Nick needs to get its act together. But at least it hasn’t been canceled and another season is on the way. Weird stuff.

Yes, I’ve been devastated about Edgar Wright’s departure, but I’m still hopeful for this one. It’s got a great cast and the new director seems to be a legitimate comic book geek. Not sure why they decided to hold the Evangeline Lilly news until the panel, since everyone pretty much knew, but I’m still happy she’s in it.

Sequels to Godzilla and Guardians of the Galaxy
Yay, I guess. Godzilla was fun but dumb and haven’t seen GOTG, but I cannot wait to see it. I’m only hearing great things.

Skull Island
I’m not entirely clear what this announcement meant, but if it means one day there might be a King Kong vs Godzilla move, then hey, why not?
Comic Con Tips Skull Island Reveal

And honestly that’s about it. I think this Con will probably be remembered for the things we didn’t learn. We didn’t get any more info on the Justice League films, we didn’t learn who Doctor Strange will be, we didn’t learn anything about the new Star Wars films, we didn’t learn anything about Doctor Who or Sherlock or Tomorrowland or numerous other things. I guess we’ll have to wait on all those things. Keep your eye on this website for our takes on all the crazy footage screened over the past few days.
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