SDCC News & Tips – July 17, 2014

Video Map of Fun SDCC Activities | SDCC Parties | Thrilling Adventure Hour and Night Vale Crossover | San Diego Exclusives Checklist | Celeb Sightings | FREE Ride in a Gotham Police Car | Star Wars HitFix Party

4:56 PM – Video Map of Fun SDCC Activities

The Confluence has provided a video map where they sort their comic con videos by region. Looks like it could be fun, check it out.

Video Map


3:51 PM – SDCC Parties


Getting lost trying to keep track of all the comic con party options? Here’s an awesome list from The Hollywood Reporter:


 3:28 PM – Thrilling Adventure Hour and Night Vale Crossover

Thrilling Adventure Hour Shirt

Shirts are available for pre-sale! You can buy them at the event, but you can get them now too if you’re nervous about getting one.


2:14 PM – San Diego Exclusives Checklist

Action Figure Fury has a great condensed list of SDCC exclusives and other cool stuff if you’re just getting into collecting. Check them out!

Action Figure Fury


12:44 PM – Celeb Sightings

The Nerdy Girlie gives away 5 key places to run into celebrities at San Diego Comic Con. She’s got some fun ones, check out her pic of Nathan Fillion trying to go incognito. LOL

Nathan Fillion tries to be incognito


11:59 AM – FREE Ride in a Gotham Police Car

Gotham Police Car

Walking around San Diego Comic Con and need a cool alternative to a regular taxi? Get a FREE lift in a Gotham police car courtesy of Uber. Uber is a rideshare service, so who knows who will be driving!

Also apparently FOX Fanfare will be

FOX Fanfare is also offering a 130 foot long and 30 foot high Gotham City zip line for brave enough fans of the property. All participants will receive a shareable photo and exclusive Gotham-based prizes.

9:41AM – Star Wars HitFix Party


Win 5 VIP tickets to the HitFix party at San Diego Comic Con. How? By submitting your cosplay picture. Why cosplay?

We want to invite people who are going to bring their A-game, who are going to embrace the full spirit of Comic-Con. We want people who have spent months getting ready for this event, and who are hitting San Diego ready to party. Read more at

Read more about it at


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