SDCC Open Registration 2015

running2This will be a rolling post, most recent updates at the top. To read it chronologically, start from the bottom and read up. Also if you see anything in a grey box, that is the text that was seen in the yellow box in the Epic waiting room.



10:59 AM MST

10:58 AM MST
IF YOU DIDN’T GET ALL THE DAYS YOU WANT: Last year, there were TONS of movie pre-screenings you could go to for FREE. If you don’t have days, that frees you up for that awesomeness. I haven’t hear anyone talking about it, but there’s also that.

10:55 AM MST

10:53 AM MST

10:49 AM MST

10:44 AM MST

10:37 AM MST
Another awesome tweet.

10:34 AM MST Probably my favorite tweet from this year’s Open Registration. Great job @TheNerdFu!

10:33 AM MST

10:29 AM MST

Preview Night is running low!

10:17 AM MST

We have our tickets! That went crazy fast for us this year. Good luck to all. We’ll try to keep you guys posted still on what happens this morning


10:08 AM MST

Attendees are currently being grouped in random order. Keep an eye on this message box for updates. Do not refresh your browser or you may experience technical difficulties!

10:06 AM MST

Remember, do not refresh this page or open another tab/window of the waiting room. We are getting ready to begin, so patience will be your best strategy for success! This yellow message box will keep you updated.

10:02 AM MST

About to Begin Open Registration

10:00 AM MST

It is almost time to begin the sale. Please be patient while the Sorting Hat does its job. Do not hit the refresh button! If the blue circle is spinning, this page is automatically refreshing every 120 seconds.

9:59 AM MST

SDCC Just sent out an email with registration codes! If you can’t login to the website to get a registration code GO CHECK YOUR EMAIL RIGHT NOW!!! Your code could be in there. Here’s the email text, ”

Your registration code for Open Online Registration can be found by logging in to your Member ID account and selecting the “Registration Info” tab.

We have noticed that a large number of attendees have waited until the last moment to access their registration code and it is causing temporary outages on our Member ID site.

For your convenience, please find the EPIC Landing Page Link and your registration code below.”


9:56 AM MST

Thank you for your patience. You’ll be placed randomly in groups shortly after 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. Every member of the JLA has an equal chance of buying a badge, even Aquaman. #UNITETHESEVEN

9:49 AM MST

Welcome to the EPIC waiting room! Open Online Registration will begin shortly after 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time unless The Source decides to reboot the multiverse. Again.

9:30 AM MST

Rory waited for Amy outside the Pandorica for 1,894 years. Waiting for registration to start at 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time will not take that long, we promise! In the meantime, check out the helpful registration FAQ on Toucan, the official blog of Comic-Con and WonderCon Anaheim!

9:00 AM MST

Here we go again! It’s Open Registration time and I already know of some difficulties that normally don’t happen. Trevor and Pekka are for certain going to SDCC this year and are going through normal Registration like everyone else. We attempted Pre-Registration several months ago, but only got two days. So now we’re back to go for the rest of the days.

Pekka was able to get into registration and the Epic waiting room just fine. Trevor tried to get his registration code this morning and the website would not load:

Registration Code Error


FINALLY after a half hour of trying, Trevor got his registration code and is currently in line waiting to get going. Also the email did go to the Spam folder, so if you’re not seeing the link to the epic landing page, it could be there.

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