SDCC Saturday Panels Worth Considering

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Here are our picks for Saturday panels at SDCC. Click on the schedule above for higher resolution. What do you plan on seeing? What do you wish you could see if you’re not at Comic-Con? Saturday is looking like a strong HALL H day.

The Comic-Con International 2014 Masquerade (8:30 PM, Ballroom 20, also broadcast in 5AB, 6A, Sails Pavilion)

The Masquerade is the place to be Saturday night! The very best in cosplay is here and it’s well worth watching. There are plenty of places to see the show, but get to Ballroom 20 if you want to see the real deal. One of the highlights of Comic-Con every year.

501st Costuming 101 (11:30 AM, 8)

More cosplay fun. The Star Wars 501st Legion is legendary among the cosplay community. Come and see what it takes to build a costume that lives up to their high standards.

Warner Bros. Pictures (10:00 AM, Hall H)

Jupiter Ascending, Mad Max: Fury Road, and most importantly, The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. Expect some awesome previews and behind the scenes from Middle Earth.

Legendary Pictures (12:25 PM, Hall H)

Don’t know exactly what they’ll show, but they’re involved with Dracula Untold, As Above/So Below, Crimson Peak, and Jurassic World to name a few. Some surprises will be nice.

Women Who Kick Ass (4:10 PM, Hall H)

Oh my gosh. Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones), Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black),Katey Sagal (Sons of Anarchy), Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones), Nicole Beharie (Sleep Hollow) and Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story). These are amazing women playing strong female characters on some great shows. Definitely a strong panel.

Marvel Studios (5:30 PM, Hall H)

Maybe some Guardians of the Galaxy, maybe some Ant-Man, but oh my gosh, if all the Avengers show up, this will be THE panel of the show. BE THERE.

Warner Bros. TV & DC Entertainment (8:00 PM, Hall H)

If you’re not going to the Masquerade, this is your next best option. Hear about The Flash, Constantine, Arrow, and Gotham.

The Nerdist Panel (3:00 PM, Indigo- Hilton Bayfront)

If you’re into Comic-Con, but don’t listen to The Nerdist, then you need to get your life together. Chris Hardwick and friends (and those friends could be pretty exciting) will talk about all things Nerdist.

Geek & Sundry: What’s Next With Felicia Day (6:00 PM, Indigo- Hilton Bayfront)

I don’t even care what they talk about. I just love Felicia Day. So funny. So charming.

Wonderful World of “Weird Al” Yankovic (3:30 PM, Horton Grand Theatre)

The music legend himself will be here in person to talk about his career and his brand new album, Mandatory Fun.

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