SDCC Sunday Panels Worth Considering

Comic Con Tips SDCC Sunday ScheduleSunday is a lot more quiet at SDCC. But there’s still plenty to do if you’re planning on hanging around. Click on the image above for higher resolution.

Exhibit Floor

Sunday is a great day to get down to the show floor. There are tons of great booths, replicas, statues, cars, interactive experiences, and more for you to explore. Plus, the crowd generally starts to thin out as people start to head home. Keep your eye out for sales at a lot of the vendor booths as they try to move as much merchandise as they can before the show ends.

Masquerade Replay (2:30 PM, 8)

If you were busy Friday night with other panels or lining up in the infamous Hall H line and had to to miss the Masquerade, here’s your chance to see it again on the big screen. A lot of fun.

LEGO/Warner Bros: The LEGO Movie (3:45 PM, 5AB)

Listen to the creators of one of the amazing LEGO movie talk about the development of the movie and maybe get some news on the upcoming sequel.

Buffy Musical: “Once More With Feeling” (3:30 PM, 6BCF)

The one place aside from your shower or car where you can belt out songs from one of your favorite episodes of TV without being judged. It’s a nerd party, and you’re invited. Leave your shame at the door.

Supernatural (10:00 AM, Hall H)

Any Supernatural fans out there? Yeah, I hear you. Expect a lot of screaming.

The Strain (1:45 PM, Hall H)

Get a screening of the third episode, but then stay to hear from the cast and, most importantly, Guillermo del Toro himself. He’s such an imaginative guy and a true geek at heart.


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