SDCC Tips – July 18, 2014

Lego Booth Exclusives | Divergent Signing | 2015 PreRegistration |  NerdHQ Schedule

Tip #4 – 1:36 PM – Lego Booth Exclusives

Lego Exclusives 2014

Sounds like this year the Lego booth exclusive line is going to work a little differently. Instead of the ticketing system like years past which create long lines, they’re going to scan your badge (on entry per day) and then you get to press a button. It will then be revealed if you are able to buy for that day or not. Sounds like this will go a lot faster.

Tip #3 – 12:02 PM – Divergent Signing

Shailene Theo

In town to promote the Blu-Ray release of Divergent, Shailene Woodley and Theo James will be doing autograph signings at the Lionsgate booth on Saturday, July 26 from 3-4pm.

Thanks for the tip Hypable!


Tip #2 – 10:26 AM – 2015 SDCC PreRegistration


In case you skipped this part of the email from SDCC, “Only those who purchased a Comic-Con 2014 attendee badge and retain their actual badgewill be eligible for 2015 preregistration.”

They talked about doing this last year, but gave us a grace period this last year. The PreRegistration process for 2015 will require you to enter the number on the back of your 2014 badge, SO KEEP YOUR BADGE after the con. Not that you would get rid of it anyway…


Tip #1 – 9:17 AM – NerdHQ Schedule

Today’s tips start out with a bang! (not literally, I’m not referring to the Big Bang Theory. I wish I was, but unfortunately, no). NerdHQ has finally announced some scheduled panels. It’s not a complete list (thank goodness), but we’ve got some cool stuff. Such as Joss Whedon and the Thrilling Adventure Hour on Sunday.


Information compliments of Leonard Sultana’s site An Englishman in San Diego:


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