Sony E3 Summary

Playstation LogoIt’s the last conference for Monday. Sony just ended. See our summary:

The Last Guardian

Holy cow, it’s actually real. We’ve been waiting for this game for forever. In fact, they skipped an entire console generation. Now that we’ve finally seen some of the game, it really does hearken back to it’s predecessors, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. The art style is very similar and equally beautiful. It appears to be a puzzle game with feels. The interaction between the main character and his dog bird demon thing is great. I’m sure the AI running behind that dog thing is crazy. It looks very expressive and interactive.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

What a great surprise reveal. Horizon is coming from Guerrilla Games, the team behind Killzone. The game takes primitive tribes people and pits them against machine monsters in an open world. It looked like Lara Croft in the world of Skyrim fighting against Dinobots. The concept was cool and the footage was beautiful. Very excited for this.


We only got a cinematic trailer, but it looked great. Hitman is a great series, and the last game was really fun. We still have a lot to learn, but expect the usual open-ended variety of assassinations.

Street Fighter V

Exclusive to PS4 and PC, the fighting game franchise comes back in another installment that looks very much like SF4. I’m terrible at these games, so I don’t plan on playing it, but fans of the last one will like this.

No Man’s Sky

This game is so ambitious. It’s essentially a limitless universe of planets that are basically procedurally generated. So everyone’s experience will be very unique. You can explore new planets, find new life, dogfight in space, and fight alien life. In fact, nearly every piece of the environment is destructible.


I don’t really understand what this game is, but it’s beautiful. From Media Molecule, the studio that made LittleBigPlanet, Dreams takes user created content to form them into abstract ideas, much like your own dreams. Some of the creations are games, some are more artistic pieces. It’s hard to explain what this really is.


A first person mystery game about a forest firefighter in Wyoming. Two girls go missing and something dangerous is afoot. You have a walkie talkie and a woman on the other end. The dialogue seems great and the mystery is interesting.

Destiny: The Taken King

The new expansion for Destiny releases this September. More missions, weapons, and armor. Playstation gets exclusive items and missions.

Assassin’s Creed:Syndicate

We commented on this during the Ubisoft conference, but we got to see a little more at Sony. Specifically, we got to see the female character that you can play as. She’s more stealthy than her twin brother, but just as brutal. This game is looking great.

World of Final Fantasy

It’s a cute little game with chibi FF characters. Don’t really know what it is yet.

Final Fantasy VII (Remake)

A real remake of VII! We’ve been wanting this forever. It was a cinematic teaser trailer, but the audience went crazy as soon as they saw Cloud’s sword and spiky hair. Looks great. I’ll be we don’t get this for 2-3 years, though.

Shenmue III

This was more of a PSA than an announcement. Shenmue is a beloved franchise that never got the third game that we were hoping for. So there’s a Kickstarter out there to save Shenmue and Sony was just helping spread the word. I’m sure they’ll be involved in its success.

Batman: Arkham Knight

The game comes out next week, but we got a peak at some exclusive new content. Playstation gamers are getting Scarecrow missions. The one they showed was a first-person mission where you were playing a cop that was affected by fear toxin. Neat idea.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

This franchise will probably never go away, but I don’t generally play them. If I do, it’s just for the campaign. They game doesn’t look bad, just like more COD (with a Titanfall influence).

Disney Infinity 3.0

My kids love Disney Infinity, but the gameplay is too simple for me. The Star Wars stuff looks really nice and the physical characters statues are great. Not for me, but this will be huge this Christmas.

Star Wars Battlefront

We got to see more of this game. Earlier today, we saw a multiplayer match on Hoth. During the Sony conference, we saw a co-op survival mission on Tatooine. It looks great and its nice to hear that there are solo and co-op modes that still feel just as big as the rest of the game.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

As expected, Uncharted is beautiful. We watched a mission with Nate and Sully in a car chase through the alleys of a city. The dialogue and characters feel like the Uncharted we love, and the environments are beautiful. This game will set a new graphical bar for this generation.

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