Star Wars – The Force Awakens 1ST TRAILER!

The Star Wars – The Force Awakens very first trailer came out today! If you’re lucky like Megan Golden, you’ll see it in one of select theaters today. But if you didn’t get that chance, you can still watch it in most of it’s glory from the official link above. Here are some of our thoughts.

Tim: I’m still processing things. That teaser trailer was SO GOOD! Holy crap. Where to even begin… The Stormtroopers in a dropship. The X-Wings flying over the water. The Millennium freaking Falcon. Amazing. But that Sith in the woods scene… I don’t know if I can handle the emotions running through me right now. I loved the look of everything. It totally felt like the original trilogy with a modern sheen. I know this is ridiculous, but I seriously had tears in my eyes when the trailer ended. December 2015 can’t come soon enough. May the Force be with us all.

Cortney: Ok. I haven’t been writing many trailer thoughts recently, but I had to come back for this one. What a great trailer. I love how it looks like the original films. The CGI in the prequels was fine, but just looking at the practical shots in this trailer makes me happy that they’ve gone this route. I was really hoping we’d see Han Solo in this, but seeing the Millennium Falcon fly high gave me chills. The cast looks great and on their game. I originally thought the voiceover was Benedict Cumberbatch, but now I’m hearing it’s Andy Serkis. Either way it’s appropriately creepy. This trailer does exactly what it’s supposed to do — make me wish I had a time machine to travel to Dec. of next year. This can’t come soon enough. Well done  JJ and team.

Trevor: I think what reached out and grabbed me by the throat and screamed, “WATCH ME RIGHT NOW” was how effective the CGI was. It really kept true to the feel of the original movies, but added so much realism that I feel that instead of a make believe place that we’re just being shown…. it’s actually a place that could legitimately exist. I’m very excited. I have to confess that the first time I watched the trailer, I was on my phone. I couldn’t wait to get to a real sized screen so I caved and watched in in a small version. During that version, I thought that the handles showing up on the Sith light saber was another Sith lurking in the dark and they were going to battle it out.. which really had me freaking out. The second round where it was the handle to a light saber, maybe not quite as cool but I suppose that’s the pill I get to swallow for watching it on my phone. Lesson learned. Next time, I’ll follow Mego’s example and try to watch in the theater. Still very awesome and I can’t wait.

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