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This article isn’t related to Comic Con. But one of my favorite things about this news site is being able to provide opportunities to mingle with celebs and get a little closer to the movie magic than you may have been able to otherwise. That being said, let me introduce Shailene Woodley’s pet project, All It Takes. It’s a charity that provides opportunities for local youth (in Cali) to embark on some leadership building courses and experiences that really help point their lives in the right direction.

All It Takes -DivergentMy wife and I went to one of their events last month, an early screening of Divergent with Q&A and cocktail party with the cast afterward. Let me just say, it was a blast! Shailene Woodley is really fun to hear from. I highly recommend going. Plus, what better way to give back is there? You get the chance to do something awesome and at the same time, give back in a way that’s really meaningful. Shailene, is in her own words, “such a badass.” I was also really impressed that they focused on making sure the event was very fan oriented instead of an environment where you felt pressured to keep shelling out cash in order to have a good time.

The Fault in our Stars

Now All It Takes is providing another awesome opportunity to see Shailene Woodley in The Fault in our Stars early on the FOX Studio lot. They’re offering two different packages:

Package 1 – $150:

  • Movie companion book of The Fault in our Stars autographed by Shailene Woodley and John Green.
  • Watch The Fault in our Stars almost A MONTH EARLY (on May 11th) vs June 6th.
  • Q&A with Shailene Woodley and John Green after the screening.
  • A chance to win a meet & green with Shailene and John and get more photos and autographs

Package 2 – $75:

  • Movie companion book of The Fault in our Stars
  • Watch The Fault in our Stars almost A MONTH EARLY (on May 11th) vs June 6th.
  • Q&A with Shailene Woodley and John Green after the screening.

If you’re a Shailene Woodley or John Green fan, this trip will be amazing and is pretty reasonably priced for either package. Stop thinking about it and just do it!



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