The Girl Who Waited to Come to Stage

Comic Con Tips - Karen Gillan 2So, I’m not much of a recapper. I figure if you want to watch what celebrities said you can find video of the panels on Youtube. I enjoy more giving you my feelings rather than a breakdown of what was said. Having said that, here’s my impression of the Karen Gillan panel.

So, I arrived early Saturday morning to see Nathan Fillion’s panel, which meant I was able to procure front row seats to not only Nathan’s panel but Karen’s as well. So I was able to get a great view of both of them. After Nathan’s panel ended it was apparently decided that they would broadcast the panel to the other half of the ballroom. So I don’t know if it was the wait of filling the other ballroom, making the technology work or waiting on Karen Gillan, but her panel started almost a half an hour late. So we had to endure a lot of boring banter from the FanX staff before the panel finally started. The Doctor Who fans were frothing at the mouth by the time Karen made her way to the stage.

The panel was moderated by Sean Means, the film critic of the Salt Lake Tribune, and noted Doctor Who fan. I felt he did a good job of keeping things moving with questions from the audience with the occasional followup question from him. Karen was a lot smaller/skinnier than I expected her to be. I almost felt she could float away at any minute. She also had really short hair as a result of shaving it for “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Her hair looked fine, but I miss her long hair. Man, she’s gorgeous with long hair. That’s not to say she wasn’t pretty, but long hair is my personal taste.

Karen was very fun aComic Con Tips - Karen Gillannd personable. Some celebrities get kind of grumpy when people associate them too much with a role they aren’t playing anymore cough Christopher Eccleston cough. But Karen seems to still really love Doctor Who and Amelia Pond. She didn’t flinch at any of the questions and seemed to really embrace the Doctor Who fandom. My favorite part of the panel was when she expressed how excited she was to get to sit next to Patrick Stewart at autograph row. She’s a fangirl just as much as anyone, so she understands the fan mentality. After the Con she posted a photo on Twitter of her and the TNG cast. So cool.

The panel did feel like it was over before it even started. It may have been the same length as the other panels, but it felt like it was over quickly. As with NF, I would have enjoyed listening to Karen for a lot longer than she was on stage. But as they say, leave them wanting more. And she did. Here’s hoping they bring her back to SLC for a future SLCC.

She also seemed to really enjoy being back in Utah after having shot some pivotal Doctor Who episodes in the southern part of the state. She even stayed through Sunday and attended the Sunday morning Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert.

All in all, I was very impressed with Karen Gillan and hope that her star can continue to rise. She seems like a genuinely nice person. Maybe it’s all a facade, but I like to think it’s not. Either way, I know I’m really looking forward to seeing her in “Guardians of the Galaxy” at the end of the summer.

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